baccatum Mystery baccatum

Here are some pods that came off of two different plants. The seeds were one's I got in a trade from a GardenWeb member over the winter. They were labeled Aji Benito but obviously they are not. Does anyone have guesses on my mystery pods? The flower has the classic Baccatum appearance but it could just be a cross.

I am pretty positive as I have some growing!
I will shoot a pic of mine in a PM later!
Was Inca Red Drop one of the seeds you planted Dan?
By shape they look like inca red drop but they look a bit big? Whats the size of those?
The two inca red drops i have been growing (2 diff sources) are around 2-3cm long and 1cm wide.

But the shape is very look a like for sure so could be some big ones! ;)
The heat wasn't too bad. It seemed to hit me right on the front and tip of my tongue only. The flavor was kind of hard to describe but had a nice citrus note in it. I enjoyed the pepper Inca Red Drop or not.