Naga Snakebite Extreme Suace

Hi Guys,

Heres aclose up picture of a mock up of our new Naga Snakebite Extreme Sauce. You can almost see the Naga fumes seaping out the bottle.


Imaguitergod ate 1 Naga in his infamous thread.

Imagine what a sauce with up to 10 Fresh Naga Morich peppers in it tastes like :mouthonfire: :lol: :hell:

More info on how to reserve a bottle can be found on thechileman site.
Mark - that is a great pic! the label, the sauce, the pods - excellent! :lol:

better hurry and register if you want some sauce dudes - I have :hell:

:mouthonfire: "like drinking Cobra venom" - I hope so!!! :lol: care to share some details of the flavour/ingredients in order to whet our appetites?

Hi Guys,

The sauce has a carrot, tomato, white wine vinger (and a few other special ingredients) as a base which is then laced with between 5 and 10 fresh Naga Morich Pods. After lots of experiments, weve twaeked the original recipie slightly by adding a few fresh herbs and spices (Garlic & Ginger to name a few) and a couple of other ingredients to complement and bring out the unique fruity taste of the Naga Morich. Thoses of you who have been lucky enough (or unlucky enough depending on the way you look at it) to eat fresh Nagas will know what I mean about the uniqueness of these peppers. They are an absolute delight as well as deadly.
garlic and chile were invented by the same man, I'm sure of it!

Mulletdude - are we likely to see some Snakebite drinking pics??? :mouthonfire:
Hi Guys,

Just to give you an update, the first batch of both sauces have now been made, bottled and pasterized giving them a shelf life of 1 year. Even nibbling at them, Im sure you can all get through a bottle in that time :)

The labels are at the printers and Im hoping to get them back in the next few days. That just leaves adding the shrink seals and processing the mountain of emails I have recieved. The launch of these unique sauces are only days away.........:lol: :lol: ;)
darlochileman said:
Fortunately not.

I just hope its worth all the pain :lol:

Hey Mark,
I hope your hands have healed since the harvest/prep.
I'm looking forward to trying the Snake Bite. Can't wait!!
:lol: ;)
Hi Guys,

I am in the UK. Ive already had orders from (and am shipping too) the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa and various places in Italy. Im currently in the process of remortgaing the house for the postage saving up for the postage ;-)
It case you missed it, these are sauces are now available.

Things have gone a bit mad in the last few days after they were featured in the UK National Press, on the radio and even on TV. I even did my first TV interview on my birthday on Tuesday (for my 15 minutes of fame) Never racking but Unbelievable.