Naga Tree

How this for great yield from my 'Naga Tree':mouthonfire:


If you look really closely you will see my little gardening friend in the rockery:lol:
AGH! Garden gnome! Kill it before they multiply!

THAT IS ONE MASSIVE PLANT!!! Jesus, what are you feeding that thing? Bovine growth hormones! How old is that?
WOW, are you serious all those pods came from that plant ? is that after you trimmed the plant. to me that seems like way to many a plant could produce, but what do I know about naga's but wow thats alot.
1 more question why did you harvest them while still green , is there a reason why ?

is that Jaba the Hut(star wars) in the back on the right side or Budda ?
DD - ok sorry I didnt know there was a "H" in the name, but d@m that does look like Jaba the Hut when its not a full pic of it.

chilliman - I dont get it :mouthonfire:
Hi Guys,

The Naga Morich needs high temperatures and high humidity to thrive hence why virtually all of my pods are green. They still outrageously hot though. The bangladeshi's harvest them green for some reason - maybe they keep longer. I managed to get some pods to mature to red last year (for the first time) when we had a nice long long hot summer here in the UK but most remained yellow/orange. . Were using 10 whole pods in each of our bottles of our Naga Snakebite special reserve.

Naga plants are very slow growing in temperate climates like the UK. This is a 2 year old plant which Ive trimmed at the bottom as I have small plants growing beneath them.

That is Buddha in the top right - well spotted.

If you worship the gnome & buddha on the third Wednesday of every month it cause abnormally large Naga plants :-) Other than that I give my plants a sprinkle of Fish, Blood & Bone solution every now and again.
chilehunter said:
chilliman - I dont get it :mouthonfire:

a 'standard' in gardening is when a bushy plant is trimmed up and trained to grow tall, like a rose bush - you know when you see roses bushes shaped into a ball atop a 3 or 4 foot tall trunk? - that is a 'standard' rose.
darlochileman said:
If you worship the gnome & buddha on the third Wednesday of every month it cause abnormally large Naga plants.

I thought that only worked if you were wearing a teeshirt.
gotta get me one of those shirts with a bottle of Snakebite wrapped up in it.

darlochileman - how do I order a bottle of your Snakebite from your website? I can see how to get onto the waiting list for the premium reserve but not for the regular type. how many are on the waiting list so far and is it a lot more than bottles available?

Hi Chilliman,

The Naga Snakebite Extreme & Private Reserve bottles should be available in the next fortnight or so. Were just trying to russle up a few more bottles as demand has been much higher than expected.

They won't be that many bottles of the 'Private Reserve' though as I don't have enough available pods to make hundreds of bottles :-( (theres 10 pods in each bottle - its almost pure Naga mash!).

Given the response weve had for these in only 3 days, I pretty sure we will sell out quickly. Those that registered their interest viA the website will get first dibs on the Private Reserve and the chance to get a signed & numbered Private Resevre Collectors Edition bottle of which we have set aside only 40 bottles. We will by keeping the first 10 bottles for ourselves & friends but the others (numbers 11-40) will be up for grabs, hopefully a good investment for the future)

This is first sauce and it is unique in that no other sauce contains so many fresh & high quality Naga Morich pods (no powders or extracts). Im confident that the unique smell, taste & seriously long burn of both sauces will develop a good following and will not disappoint collectors & hot sauce lovers. Our Naga seeds certainly didnt disappoint. This sauce won't disapoint either :-)