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pH need a good cheap pH meter and other questions

I would like to get a good cheap pH meter for when I make hot sauce. I don't make hot sauce on a regular basis so I don't want to spend a lot. I usually make a large batch in the fall that's enough to last me till next summer. All the PH meters I see listed on Amazon say they are for testing water quality. I'm embarrassed to ask this question but are there different types of PH meters depending on what you want to test or will one meter test anything? Can anyone recommend me something that's $20 or less and reliable.

also I have a bunch of leftover bottles from last years hot sauce but I was thinking about just putting my sauce in mason jars this year and then spooning it out onto my food when I use it. Does anybody else do their hot sauce this way? it seems like an easy way to do it and more convenient as it will only be me eating the stuff. but I do get concerned about the quantity of sauce in a jar in my frigerator as it could be next summer before I use it all.
dragonsfire said:
Yup, the probes have a shelf life. Have to keep them moist
I got a Hanna meter about a year ago, and I've only used it a couple times. It came with a couple packets of solution to store the probe in, but I've already run out. It seemed to evaporate pretty quickly. How often do you need to buy solution to keep the probe in tip-top shape? I'm afraid I'm neglecting mine :/
I would go with any one of those cheap ones in your link. Just make sure that they come with some buffer powder so you can calibrate your meter before using it. I purchase extra powder instead of keeping an old solution around. That's just me.