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hobbies New aquarium!

Uncle Eckley

This is going to be a demasoni species tank with a 40B display. Ready-made stand/canopy sets are shit, and I wanted a custom height, besides, so me and Dad built one over the last few months. Pine and poplar, built to hold up a house. The canopy lid warped a bit, but the thing's getting dark paint, so I doubt it will show much.


Next step is to drill the display tank. 😬 Then I'll cut the plumbing slot in the stand, seal stand and canopy with some rubbery primer, and have Wife paint it for the den.
Nice! I haven't kept fish in years, but Cichlids are the shitz! Looking forward to updates.
I kept fresh water sharks for a couple years when I was in my teens. I love tanks, but dont need any more hobbies, I have always wanted a gnarly salt water but I need to calm down and stay lazy, Cant wait to see what you build.

I ran a small marine tank for a while. It cost a fortune. Being used to African cichlids, I found the whole thing a bit sedate, anyway.

Hey, I found a picture!
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Nice Eck, I love an aquarium, so relaxing to watch the fish and I think it's relaxing for the fish to watch us hoomans :lol:
hurry up! I'm waiting for the fish :lol:

Lol, I'm trying! Still lots to do before I can even get anything wet.

Still need to:

Drill the display
Paint the display
Cut plumbing slot in stand
Prime and paint stand and canopy
Weatherstrip canopy lid
Cut and install stand floor
Form and install overflow box
Plumb the system
Cut sump lid
Leak test
Scrub rocks
Rinse sand
Create aquascape
Cycle system (takes a couple/few weeks)

THEN I can order stock.
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I don't know much about aquariums, especially higher-end ones, so if you don't mind remedying my ignorance:
How does that work to hold water with the holes on the bottom? :confused:
Each hole gets a bulkhead that allows pipe to pass through the glass.


Two will be drains, one will be the return from the sump below. (I never did finish modeling the return - the pump, line, and Loc-Line aren't shown here.) Once I get the bulkheads and standpipes installed, I'll silicone in the overflow wall, which is really my next nail-biter - I won't know for sure whether my weir calculations were sound until I fill the system for leak check and set the return pump running.

system back.JPG
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