capsaicin New capsaicin measurement methodology at University of Louisiana in Lafayette

DocHolliday said:
I believe the pathway has not been isolated in detail, but it's the diterpene attached to the homovanillic acid ester common to capsacin and resiniferatoxin that causes the burn.
Now that's enlightening. Now I have to go and look that up. Interesting. Thanks.
Very interesting Gary!
Damn your pod looks EVIL! I would be curious to see some Nagabrain shu numbers too:)
I use similar analytical equipment in my PhD research, actually we have our own gas chromatograph in our lab. I'm thinking of buying some analytical standards for calibration and testing my own chillies in this way when it's not in use. I'm growing (amongst other things) the Carolina Reaper so It would be a good way to keep me entertained during my proper research work.
For the record the presented procedure is not a new technique but actually the standard testing method. Only difference is she's using liquid chromatography not gas chromatography, accuracy is good for both techniques if performed properly.
My 2 cents:  Several of you are right that it is not a new method.  It is similar to the standard method using HPLC that has been in use for about 20 years.  Like everyone says, it's cool that more people are exposed to these types of peppers like the Primo.