New from Bavaria

Hello dear Chili fans!

I am brand new here and wanted to introduce myself briefly. My name is Joe and I am absolutely enthusiastic about everything that has to do with chillies. From mild peppers to the most fiery Habaneros - I love them all!

I have been fascinated by the variety of chilli varieties and their various applications in the kitchen for some time. Whether cooking, inserting, drying or even in my own cultivation, I am always looking for new recipes, tips and tricks about these small but powerful fruits.

My greatest passion is to grow different chilli varieties and breed experimental hybrids. I find it just exciting to see how different varieties develop and what flavors you can produce.

I look forward to benefit from your experience and your knowledge and maybe also share my own experiences and knowledge with you. Let's explore the world of chillies together and inspire each other!

Many fiery greetings,
Hi, Joe! We share interests in experimenting with different mixes! I wish you the best luck in your path, let it be exciting and really colourful! 🔥🔥🔥