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seeds New grower from seed needs help

So I have these little sprouts that just came in overnight. Should I leave these in the domes a little longer or transplant them now? I have more that look like this, but these are three good ones. First time growing from seed so I need some help here. Thank you.


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Probably another month. They're growing right now so I'm not sure why you're saying that.

Edit: If the light wasn't enough, they just wouldn't grow and would have died right?
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They did stretch at the beginning because I didn't know they had sprouted and didn't have the lights on, but they seem happy now. Nothing seems to be stretching, just growing upwards as normal. In the middle of the day it's going to start getting up into the 60s in a couple of weeks. I could bring them outside for a few hours to give them some real light then maybe.