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seeds New grower from seed needs help

So I have these little sprouts that just came in overnight. Should I leave these in the domes a little longer or transplant them now? I have more that look like this, but these are three good ones. First time growing from seed so I need some help here. Thank you.


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In my experience...
If there are still other seeds that haven't germinated yet, then I leave the dome on for a while longer.
But once the seedlings get tall enough to tough the done, I remove the dome no matter what.
So after a few days this is what I have. How do these look? I know there are a few droopy ones that have something going on, but I need help knowing what I should be seeing. I turned off the grow lights for the photo, and I do have a fan I occasionally put near them. I give them a little burst of water once a day. Let me know, and remember I'm a complete noob at this. Thanks.


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So I'm keeping the lights about 6 inches above. Using "Sunshine all purpose soil" it says it works for seed starting. I'm growing a bunch of different types: Cayenne, Habanero, Tabasco, Reapers, Ghosts, Serrano, Chiltepin. I put 3 or 4 seeds in each cell because I wasn't sure how many would actually work and figured I had some duds. The lights are Hoomeda LED grow lights with full spectrum. Here's the info about the lights:

-Great Efficiency Full Spectrum--FEEL SHOW 4-head plant lights provide 3 supplemental light modes: 1--Red(660nm)+Blue(460nm): promote photosynthesis, rooting, germination, blooming, fruiting. 2--Warm White, 3000k high uniform light, similar to natural sunlight. 3--Red+Blue+White (380nm-780nm), universal full spectrum grow light for plant indoor grow, succulents, rose, hibiscus, petunia, clematis, strawberry, lettuce, butterfly orchid, lemon tree, etc.
-Dual Control & Multi-Functional--Both line-in controller and RF controller (protect your eyes from looking at the lamps directly). Support 3 light modes, 10 dimmable levels, 4 lights independent control, auto on/off every day after setting the 4H/8H/12H timer. 80 effective LED Beads, provide brightness of 80W fluorescent lamp, consumes only 15W of electricity.
I am using a Mars ts600w for comparison. I can't put the light 6 inches above plants they would probably catch fire lol. I think yours a stretching light intensity low. you might be able to get away with starting one single plant on one of those tripod led ones. Even one plant is probably too much for one of those tripod style ones. make sure every single led is on (full power) and it needs to run 18 on 6 off per the guide.
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...I give them a little burst of water once a day.

Things look VERY wet. DO not over-water. Only water when the soil is dry. Also, remove plastic dome once seeds have sprouted. Mishandling these two things have killed many a new seedling. The legginess is caused by insufficient light. Increase lumens delivered at plant level.

Keep after it. You're having some great germination going on!
@FirstLoveAdmire: The tripod grow lights seemed to be ok when I brought some full sized pepper plants in at the end of last season, kept them alive for another 6 - 8 weeks, so I figured they'd be ok for seed starting too.

I also would like to figure out a way to create an indoor grow space I can use year round and don't need to EVER put my plants outside. If you guys could help me build that too, that would be awesome. I think getting some of those long thin hanging grow lights and putting the plants in a shelving unit is a start?
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Try to keep things simple; pepper plants are not fussy and unlike weed they don't need heavy artillery to grow well and give good yields. And as Downriver said, just be careful with your watering schedule!
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Growth after 4 Days: Everyone seems happy :D. Even got a few more sprouts to come through. Seems like they want to grow.


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Status update with new pics. Everything seems to be growing well. There are some tomatoes in the front on the first pic too. Going to put these in small pots soon.


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