heat New hottest pepper?

when I first joined the forum several years ago, I too was gullible and bought some seed called Diablo Negro...touted as the worlds hottest...yup...a sucker born every minute....after I grew them out they were not as hot as a jalapeno... :rofl:


let this be a lesson for ebay shoppers and claims of "the worlds hottest pepper"...I sure learned mine
Hey IDIOT! That never gets old. Glad you stuck around. So many knowledgable people here. You may have gotten caught up in that senseless jargon had you left.
I Got the Ghost Pepper and The Trinidad Came as New Hotest, Now Im Getting Trinidad Coming By Mail and Now a New Pepper is Anounced -___- well I think I wouldnt Be able to Handle Neither of all so Ill Stick To the First to Fruit.
I am friends with several people who are connected to NMSU and have seen much of the HPLC testing done there on many varieties of peppers. One of these friends told me that a HOT Bhut usually comes in around 800,000 SHU. The one that topped 1mil was a freak even though it was duplicated. There are always going to be these freak peppers. Remember the Red Savina? It tested at 577,000 SHU even though most habaneros never top 300,000. So... if some mad scientist can create a super stressed naga and get someone to test it at 1.5mil that is NO indication that its offstpring ie seeds will ever get to that heat level. You have to grow many generations of this new pepper and get it stable before that is even remotely a possibility. Do not fall for nonsense on ebay or facebook.
The thing is peppers vary so wildly that I wouldn't believe any shu test given to me. Imho in order to get a good rating you would need to test multiple pods from each of multiple plants and test them in multiple growing conditions around the globe before you can confirm that they are the hottest. Even then any super hot could probably grow hotter under ideal conditions. The 100,000 jalapeno sets off an alarm for me. If its a jalapeno and not a whacky cross then either he has skewn test results, amazing growing skills, or got very lucky. I don't want a pepper that's 1.5 mil in one spot and 0.8 in another. Don't believe the hype!