heat New hottest pepper?

I only know that I'd be afraid of it. hahaha

With a name like that, I don't think I'd want to eat it. I'd certainly put it in a bottle of pepper spray and keep it near my door though. :flamethrower:
Changing story because there is no proof ignore that troll Ted.
looks like one "people" has been messaging you about it. I would not take one unfounded person's word on anything. Internet is full of flakes.
I wouldn't get into any of the hype until there is some actual evidence, these stories come along all the time and are usually BS. It was likely just a normal naga morich that was stresses for max heat, or the usual problems with HPLC calibration and procedures. As for the jalapeno, do a site search, several member have found out how hot jalapenos can become, although the burn is much different. Any idea where the HPLC test was done and have results been duplicated and/or tested at a second lab for verification
I thought i read somewhere that some Dude was working on getting his "hottest" backyard pepper tested with the panel. I think it goes along with that hallucinating reporter vid. But, aside from that haven't seen anything else.

Also people love to come up with their own names all the time. Some stick some dont. Think Bubblegum 7 pot, Maui Wowie, etc.

Lastly peppers hit people differently. Maybe he ate some dudes chili and sod it was hotter than the ButchT (to him) and to be a pain made up a number to "back it up".