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New in the forum and need your help to ID this beauty ;)

Hello folks!
I joined the forum since I have been a lurker for very long and it was time ;) but also to reach out and ask for help to ID this hot pepper:
Original post about it over here (although without much extra details):
Any help highly appreciated!
My current guess is that it is either a 7-pot yellow (maybe jonah) or a yellow scotch bonnet.  I gave it a test right after the pictures so I can also describe what I felt, if it helps to ID this beauty!
Was definitely at least twice as hot as a Habanero in my opinion, but being a noob I cannot be sure ;)  As you can see in the pictures it has a lot of placenta and very few seeds (I have counted around 15).  I can relate to people who say that yellows smell like pineapple and citrus (certainly the case with this one).  That said, the smell was very deceiving since after eating <1g, about 2 mm^3 (yes, I was very careful) I still had to lay in bed for half a day ;) But again, I am not a pepperhead like you guys, so who knows.
Edit: just grammar fixes.
Edit 2: I was told to bring up the pictures here directly.  I have to work on my pictures a bit since there are too high resolution (too many MBs).
KevinThePepperhead said:
Why exactly do you think that it isn't a 7 pot

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Hi Vevin,
I think many features are right to call it a 7-pot (more so than a scotch bonned which was the second main option).
The pod sizes sure are a lot smaller than the habaneros I am used to purchase, and my understanding is that the scotch bonnet's are about the same size.  That basically ruled out the scotch bonnet for me.  
That said, before I was confident about the 7-pot, I found this thread:
The similarities are striking.  I just cannot find a difference in any detail at all.  I think I have a "bahamian goat".
The only remaining feature is the heat level and sadly I am not experienced enough to tell whether I have a really high head 7-pot or something closer to habs or scotchs.  Everything else matches very closely the "bahamian goat" so I am now 99% certain that it is what I have.
I will be posting the first and second harvest pictures I have in this thread and I hope you all can chime in.