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New members

I've notice since I've been a member that we get alot of new members that never post. Why would you become a member and never post? Beats the hell out of me why. I joined cause I wanted to belong to a felloship of gardeners and farmers who have a passion for peppers. It took me less than a day to decide to join and even sooner to post an introduction. There was no brow beating for being new to this site in fact I made friends really fast by my standards and by talking to everyone everywhere I've gotten to know some pretty neat stuff that I would have never known just sitting there reading and not talking. You know even if your shy or paranoid you could at least reach out to one member that you feel safe with and PM till you fell like opening up to the crowd. I've never been neither so I guess I'll never know. I mean can you think of a good reason to run slient here? Are we that standoffish (Sorry dumb hillbilly can't spell)? I don't think so........do you?

The Hot Pepper

If people join just to read that is just fine.
i join last time because i had problems with my pepper plants. so i registered to ask help.

maybe some of them are shy and just pm people to ask questions.
they should know that more people will help if they put their questions in the open..
Then I say jump up and down :dance: and say Hey ya all come back we're still here. I'll make the coffee :woohoo: and you sit down and tell us how ya been
There will be a lot of people reading that don't join, let alone post - they are just happy to read and learn.

Myself, I was reading the forum daily before I registered and posted. Now look at what happened!
I'm new and I'm obsessed. I love posting and reading. Probably post to much but I"ll just say I'm making up for other new members who aren't posting :)
As a new member to this forum, the main reason i have not really posted to much is because i am busy trying to read up on all the posts that already exist lol.
Plus so far the search button has come in really handy.

But dont worry if I have questions i will ask :dance:
I sure dont post much but I sure do read a lot and have learned sooooooo much from the people that do post a lot.

I really do love this forum ..... Great People & Great Information ..... thankyouverymuch! ~}:-)
and to think i annoyed some members here way back last year when i was new here coz i practically posted on every single thread here. lol.
I'm sure I've annoyed many here. It wasn't intentional. I believe my beliefs aren't any right or wrong as the next guy and if a post starts getting personal then the better choice is to take it outside (PM). I won't change my beliefs just to get along nor would I want any one else to.
I'm pretty unconventional so I skipped the whole introduction part
and just started posting.

There's just so much information and topics here that perhaps new
members become overwhelmed and don't know where to start.
I hear ya on that one. I came here for the growing and have found so many other parts of this site interesting. I can see where someone might be overwhelmed
I'm new also & don't post a lot, but I don't have a lot of time to. A lot of the time I'm on here I'm searching topics for info before I ask a question that's been asked 500 times before! Lol. This site has a TON of info available & I've enjoyed it so far. I had a member send me seeds my second day on here. At the end of the season I plan on paying it back to him & other people. This place is great. :cheers:
I used to browse the forum to get info, then ended up joining. I would post more but, the experienced growers are better suited to answer the questions! I can't really offer much advice but I'll pipe up with talk of some sort. Everyone here seems to be committed to the same cause, hot peppers! You can even post your fastest time around Nurbugring on GT5 if you like, there is a section for that too!