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NFL Pickem with a twist Contest - Winner gets free seeds/powders

I know theres a lot of THP members who also love the NFL. Thought it would be fun to have a pickem contest for todays games.
The winner will receive:
10 Packs of seeds (open pollinated - non iso - 10 seeds p/pack)
Trinidad Scorpion Sunrise
Brown Moruga
Red Scotch Bonnet
Yellow Bullet Habanero
Aji Limo
Fatalii Gourmet Jigsaw
Habanero Green
Dorset Naga
Bahamian Goat
Chocolate Bhut Jolokia
5 - Sample powders - Bahamian Goat, Red Mix, Yellow Mix, Peach Mix, & Chocolate Mix
Here are the rules:
I am selecting 6 of the NFL games played today.  Pick each of the 6 games winners (not playing against the spread), and then slot them according to your confidence in that game versus the others.  In other words - Slot 6 will receive 6 points if guessed correctly, Slot 5 will receive 5 points if guessed correctly, etc etc.
The games being picked are:
Baltimore Ravens @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills
Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cleveland Browns
Green Bay Packers @ Miami Dolphins
Chicago Bears @ Atlanta Falcons
New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles (Sun Night)
In case we need a tie breaker - also pick a number between 1 and 100.
Example of how your entry might look:
1) Cleveland Browns
2) Atlanta Falcons
3) Baltimore Ravens
4) Green Bay Packers
5) New England Patriots
6) Chicago Bears
Tie Breaker - 50
No entries past 1 PM EDT and no edits for obvious reasons
Lets have fun with this!
Here we go.
6. Pittsburgh
5. Atlanta
4. Green Bay
3. New England
2. Philadelphia
1. Baltimore
Tie Breaker 14
lol no idea but just for fun
1. Patriots
2. Browns
3. Bears
4. Giants
5. Packers
6. Ravens
Tie Breaker: 30
Thanks for the contest!
Scorched said:
lol no idea but just for fun
1. Patriots
2. Browns
3. Bears
4. Giants
5. Packers
6. Ravens
Tie Breaker: 30
Thanks for the contest!
Thanks for participating!  The NFL is such a crapshoot week to week, anyone who enters legitimately has a chance
Great pick 'em contest!!!!here goes:

1-Baltimore Ravens
2-Green Bay Packers
3-Atlanta Falcons
4-Pittsburgh Steelers
5-New England Patriots
6-Philadelphia Eagles
Tie break 8

Good luck to everybody!!!!!!
1. Steelers
2. Patriots
3. Giants
4. Bears
5. Raven
6. Eagles
Tie breaker 18
Thanks for the awesome contest! :D
You did not mention it, but most contests are for US only, and I'm from Canada. Don't worry about it if I'm not eligible, I'll have fun just by participating :)
#1  Green bay Packers
#2  Buffalo Bills
#3  Baltimore Ravens
#4  Cleveland Browns
#5  DaBears
#6  Philly Eagles
TB 67
Closed for new entries.  A couple of you did not number your teams, therefore we'll assume that you are numbering 1-6 rather than vice versa. Good luck everyone!
1)Green Bay Packers
2)New York Giants
3)Pittsburgh Steelers
4)Tampa Bay Buccaneers
5)Atlanta Falcons
6)Buffalo Bills

Tie breaker 63

I see that I missed the deadline. Thanks for the contest anyway.
Great contest Garth !
 I'm way too late to qualify but I want to list a 'crap shoot' of picks just for the Hell of it.
[SIZE=10pt]Green Bay Packers[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Chicago Bears[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Baltimore Ravens[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]New England Patriots[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Cleveland Browns[/SIZE]
Philadelphia Eagles 
[SIZE=10pt]TB = 66[/SIZE]
Teams that won so far in no specific order
Congratulations to Jedisushi06 - he picked all 6 games correctly, therefore he received all 21 possible points. Great Job. PM me your address and I'll get the seeds/powders sent out in the next couple days.
Kudos also to SanPatricio who also picked all 6 games correctly, unfortunately he sent them in after the deadline.
Great job everyone - I may do this again in a few weeks.