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No cutting room. Made wife sick.

Cutting, seeding, and dehydrating is all done outdoors or in our detached garage. My better half has very low tolerance to the odors and it does affect her much more than it does me. I try to minimize her exposure to that discomfort as much as possible.
ajdrew said:
Bowl of peppers to the left.  Bowl of seeds in the middle.  Bowl of cold water on the right.  Pick up pepper, cut, drop seeds into middle bowl, drop shell into bowl of cold water.  Theory being, the cold water will keep the fumes down.  Ye, does anyone know a good divorce lawyer in Kentucky.  It isnt that bad, but wife acted worse than I did any of the times I was hit with the real pepper spray.  We met when we were both older.  I am starting to think she lied about her past and was not nearly the protester I had thought.

So thinking I have to build a cutting room.  Has anyone else gone that route or do folk just prop a fan in the window or something.  Guys, she was really having troubles.  Kids were find, I was fine, but wife was barely able to breathe.
I have the same problem. I do everything outside now. Jalapeno's are about the only pepper the family can tolerate in the house.
Have nothing smart to say but I sure will remember the tips when the "problem" occurs. I just do it when the kids aren't around and dehydrator is usually in the room next to the attic... So far so good.
I've pepper sprayed my wife out of the house once or twice ;)  Now I have to do all my dehydrating outside on the covered deck.  Seeding I usually do at my desk in the basement where my grow room is.  Doesn't seem to bother anyone down there.
I dehydrate in detatched garage. I cut and deseed in the kitchen. Only time my wife gets mad about that is when I get seeds on the floor and our 1yo gets them. I try to put a cutting board into a lipped baking sheet to help catch the seeds.
She's pretty cool. Most of the time she will even try little slivers of what I'm cutting. I'll keep cooking/pureeing in the kitchen until she complains. We have a range vent that terminates outside which really helps. My kids actually like to smell the "bags of pain".
Good conversation here.  I deseed and cut up/blend in the kitchen (i catch some hell for that :P ), then i take outside to cook under my covered porch with a electric stove eye with the fan on.  I dehydrate in the basement and don't have any problems with the fumes getting upstairs.  My wife hates the smell of fermenting too so i move those to the garage and haven't had any problems since. She does like the milder peppers that are jalapeno heat and below so we cook with those with no problem. i also grow in the basement with a heat mat which also helps. 
LordHill said:
Thank god Krissy doesnt mind anything I do. Last week I made some powders and she cleaned my coffee grinder for me. Yesterday she tried an Ot Heim. Today she tried her first bit of Brown Moruga.. good woman
You are a lucky man LordHill!
So can we say "A family that burns together :fireball: , burns together :high: "?
Or is that going too far :doh: ?
I don't always know when I go too far until I do :drunk:
i can dehydrate in the kitchen and utility room , but no cutting and deseeding in the house ! oh definitely no powdering in the house . garage is where its at .   give and take i guess .  with the exception that she won't give during this time of year ! lol     :onfire:
moruga welder said:
i can dehydrate in the kitchen and utility room , but no cutting and deseeding in the house ! oh definitely no powdering in the house . garage is where its at .   give and take i guess .  with the exception that she won't give during this time of year ! lol     :onfire:
Ya know, rubber gloves do have more than one function.  I forget what it is, but that is what they say on the package: "multi use".
I don't cut and deseed because I bought (from Amazon) a tomato strainer Back to Basics Food Strainer & Sauce Maker  It removes the seeds and much of the skin after I have cooked the sauce. I feel this way I'm still getting the membrane the seeds are attached to (which in my opinion when you pull it out with the seeds makes the sauce less hot). The food strainer costs $65 (this is a hand cranked one; the electric models cost $500). The only thing wrong with it is that the gasket that came with it was terrible  because it's just too thin and the heated sauce was spraying out around it on my bare legs, so I purchased some wide mouth glass jar silicon gaskets that I trimmed off the tab on the edge and maybe an eighth of an inch to make it fit snugly, and then trimmed the center about a quarter of an inch and that worked perfectly as a replacement gasket. So, now the machine works perfectly well. Bormioli Rocco Glass Co 6 Piece Fido Jar Replacement Gaskets, 3.25", White
I cook peppers whole in a large pot in the garage  as near the entrance as possible (to prevent the wind from blowing out the cooker flame) with the door open; when dehydrating, always do it on the outside porch (usually takes a day and a half for them to get that nice crispy texture. Isn't odd and wonderful that when you dehydrate ripe ghost peppers low and slow they take on a pineapple fragrance? Of course, the crushing of the peppers also creates a situation where it's difficult to breathe, even when I double-bag to crush them. Remember, they make mace out of hot peppers.
So, when processing cooked hot peppers and making sauce, I wear a construction dust mask. Really works great; highly recommend it.
I'm wondering if we will have to do the fermentation we are experimenting with later this week in a couple half gallon jugs in the basement due to fumes?
I just keep mine in the fridge till seeding time and back in during breaks, keeps the fumes way down but its been very chilly mornings here wouldn't dare do it at peak heat.
I cut and seed in my living room with now issues. If I use my dehydrator for Bhuts/Reapers/Scorpions in the house my wife gets pissed! I have to open all of the windows, and the screen door to the porch, plus run the dehydrator while she is at work. Otherwise she gets upset, and says it feels like she is getting maced. Oddly enough she actually requests for me to dry my baccatums in the house with no ventilation. She often asks, "I don't hear your dehydrator, when are more aji (fill in the blank) going to be ready to dry?".