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Not so many peppers as most, but very satisfying


This was May 15th.


May 22th


Red habanero


The red habanero has pods already


2 Chocolate habaneros


Madame Jeanette, a normal growing one, and a stunted one.


Mystery peppers, they were just marked 'chili pepper'


One mystery pepper plant has already 2 ripe peppers.


One of my inside cayennes


And the little ones : Thai, and an extra Madame Jeanette


Edit: forgot this one : Spanish pepper
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Foggy morning? You must have had some rain then I guess...
Just realized I did not update my glog in a month, but there was little to tell. September had more rainy days than sunny ones, with a lot of time a lot of rain, and temperatures that barely reached 18C ( and often around 14C) Result : waiting for the remaining peppers to ripen, and some burst and rotted.

Conclusion for this outdoor grow this year:

- The Madame Jeanette did well, plenty of pods, good heat. Even the stunted one delivered a pod of 20. It is my favorite pepper, so definitely grow it again.
- The red Habanero did also well, and as it is my daughters favorite pepper, so on the list for next year. But not this one, I bought Red Savina's for next year.
- The Chocolate Habanero was new for me this year. According to my daughter, there are more hot than the red ones. I did not find much difference. They delivered per plant less pods than the red Habanero, but I still got plenty from my 2 plants. Unfortunately, the flowers I put in mesh bags all dropped during the heat wave in August, so I will have to do with seeds saved from potentially cross-pollinated pods next year.
- The mystery pepper was really prolific, gave peppers from middle may, I have 2 big bags of them in the freeze already. But not growing them again. To little heat, and to many seeds inside. But there are still many green peppers on them right now, I just hope they will still get ripe before first frost. If not, I'll have much Thai green curry paste to make.
- The Dutch chili (spaanse peper) was new too, and a disappointment. Really low heat, and too thick skin to be eaten as a snack pepper. Not growing again.

So now waiting for the last outdoor peppers to ripen.

Meanwhile, my windowsill peppers.

- Indoor Madame Jeanette has already some big pods.


Thais are still green


From the Cayennes I get a steady pick of peppers, not much at a time, but steady

Nice summary, Francis. And your indoor plants look great.
If I wait a couple of weeks, could include some Red Savina
seeds with the Trippaul Threat Violet when I send them :D
Unfortunately, the flowers I put in mesh bags all dropped during the heat wave in August, so I will have to do with seeds saved from potentially cross-pollinated pods next year.

Is it not an option to overwinter the plants that you want to regrow in the next season? This worked very well for me last season and I'm doing it again now...
Cloning is a good way to preserve a plant without
having the hassle of a larger pot and space. I usually
cut off the big leaves and just leave a couple of smaller
ones. Be sure to use tender stems. My AeroGarden
works best for rooting the cuttings.

Good luck with those!
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What variety? I'm guessing some baccatum but it's a bit hard to determine...
Edit - madame jeanette?
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