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Ode to a awesome dude (GIP)

We said farewell to one of THP's truly great and kind members last week.
An excellent grower, passionate enthusiast of great food, music, and culture.
And to me, one of the greatest friends I've ever had.
It was such an extreme pleasure to know you, Mi Criss Fren
You will be missed by so many you have touched with your light and spirit.
You were an inspiration to those of us that knew your struggles with health whilst still growing bigger better crops then us able bodied folk. In a unforgiving climate to boot.
You enriched all of us from day one, up until the end.
Ride easy GIP wherever the road may take you.
And may we meet, laugh, and play again one day...
Much love Mi Bumbaclaat, always and forever
Shorerider and I would like to put together an auction and a way to donate to help his wife get thru this loss.
If any og's would like to donate any items to auction please contact Shorerider or myself in PM to discuss details.
Much love folks and feel free to comment.
Cheers, to a awesome dude!!
GIP was one of the few folks I grew close to on this board, and his love for the grow and the food was delightful. He was one of the first people to send me a dozen varieties of seeds to help start my journey, and I was so appreciative of his help. He was truly an inspiration to us all, and I look forward to seeing him again in that big garden in the sky.