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One beer for the rest of your life. What would it be?

Czechvar(Budweiser Budvar- as it is known in Europe) - I love trying different brews but if I really had to pick just one for the rest of my life I would drink this. 
Hot sunny day watching the fire burn down: Plsner Urquell.  Smash them.  No sipping.  Big glugs.
Rest of the time: Mitchell's Old Wobbly lager - 7% alc., very bracing but has a bit of malt body - just enough to have a biscuity finish.


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hogleg said:
Great white is one of my all time fav hot day beers. Very refreshing, the coriander gives it kind of a bergamot citrus twang.
Great White reminds me of Magic Hat #9 a lil bit and what 312 used to be.  I love em both - especially on a hot day.
How about one BREWERY?
Ain't no way I can choose one beer for the rest of my life. I would fool around on it with another ale, it would get jealous... If I didn't wind up like Phil Hartman there would probably be an ugly divorce... Stories would come out... The whole thing would wind up on the E Channel with that bug faced bitch Giulianna Rancid narrating...
It's not worth the cost in emotional distress to just be loyal to one. I'll keep my beer bachelor status and play the field. 
One beer forever...my go to is Sierra Nevada Pale ale. Available almost everywhere. The 12 pack of cans is easy to carry and fits in the fridge well. Good flavor, not too much alcohol.

I'm so tired of over hopped, over alcoholic beers. If I want to drink perfume, I'll drink perfume.

For fall, dogfish head punkin ale. It tastes like fall, not a pumpkin pie. The rest of the 60, 90 and the terrifying 120 min IPA's just make me cringe.

My fav winter snowy night beer used to be Mackinson Triple Stout. Pours like motor oil and light doesn't shine through it. Haven't seen it in years, so sad. Always liked Guiness. Not the silly pressurized cans, and is surprisingly drinkable.

Spending my summers outside of Annapolis, I had my share of kegs. Bud, Natty Bo, and the oh so awful Wiedemens. I am trying to relearn lagers, the German and Austrian ones can be wonderful but I have this vision of light colored beers as being crap. Need to work on that.
Starting to feel like fall, forgot how much I loved this beer. 
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grantmichaels said:
I think that's Phil's beer too ...
It's one of my favorites. Was grocery shopping and seen it in a dudes cart. Looked him in the eye and said Ooo Good idea, Thanks! 
Belgian wheat are one my favorites then IPAs
SmokenFire said:
I gotta check out this Cigar City stuff...
I don't think they reach us Mid-western folk yet with their distribution unfortunately.

I'll be in Tampa mid-October visiting family, can't wait to stop by the brewery to pick up some fresh canned beer and growlers. Last time I went down and visited the brewery the cases we bought were canned the day before, nice and fresh. :beer:


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D3monic said:
Im drinking a goose island urban wheat. Not bad,, not rest of my life though either
Ever since they sold out to SAB I've hated on their beers with the exception of Pere Jaques and Sofie (the 4 pack stuff).  The 6 packs are now all made differently and taste bad imo.