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Orekoc's 2019 grow

Can't think of a clever topic title, so, it is what it is.
I started late this year.  Planted on two different dates, 3/24/2019 and 3/29/2019, didn't get them on to the heating mats till 3/31/2019. 
Here is the list, we will see how many come up. The first 36 were planted first, the last 36 were planted, well, last.
The bolded ones have at least one sprouted.
The Bold Badger ones are from his big bag o' mixed seed.  I took out 6 placentas that either looked different from each other, or were a different color.  Then planted 6 seeds from each.  Thus, the numbers 1 - 6.
Sawyer is starting me some seeds (ones I bought from ButchT), and I plan to buy a few plants from him as well.
1. Saraga Scotch Bonnet - Trident
2. Cobra - Pepper Guru
3. Alan Boatman TF - White Hot Peppers
4. Beth Boyd SB - White Hot Peppers
5. Jamaican Hot Chocolate - White Hot Peppers
6. Bahamian Beast Peach F3 WHP - White Hot Peppers
7. PDN x Reaper - White Hot Peppers
8. Reaper x Lemon Drop - White Hot Peppers
9. Primo x Lemon Drop - White Hot Peppers
10. Salem - Trident
11. Obeah - Trident
12. Papa Dreddie - Malarky
13. Freeport Orange SB - White Hot Peppers
14. Hababon Peach Cross - White Hot Peppers
15. Orange Ribbon - White Hot Peppers
16. Aji Cachucha Cuba - ??Cachucha??
17. Scotch Bonnet WHP - White Hot Peppers
18. Bahamian Beast Mustard Stingers F2 WHP - White Hot Peppers
19. Sri Lanka Chili Red - Pepper Guru
20. Aleppo - Lawrence Family Farms
21. Bike Billy Jalapeno - Lawrence Family Farms

22. Scotch Brains ISO - White Hot Peppers
23. Leviathan Gnarly Scorpion WHP - White Hot Peppers
24. Pimenta De Neyde x Bonda Ma Jacques F6 White
25. Bishop's Crown - Bhuter
26. Big Sun Habanero - Lawrence Family Farms
27. Pablano - Lawrence Family Farms

28. Tekne Dolmasi - Lawrence Family Farms
29. Spezzanno Thai Chile - Mike & Holly Brown
30. Chapeu Du Frade - Lawrence Family Farms
31. Purple Bhut Pumpkin - White Hot Peppers
32. Pimenta De Neyde x Bonda Ma Jacques F6 Violet
33. Pimenta De Neyde x Bonda Ma Jacques F4 White
34. Morupi Amarela - Bhuter
35. Penis Pepper - Lawrence Family Farms
36. Pimiento Cristal - Lawrence Family Farms

37. Xian Horn - World of Zing
38. Facing Heaven 7 Star Chillies - World of Zing
39. Bold Badger 1
40. Bold Badger 2
41. Bold Badger 3

42. Bold Badger 4
43. Bold Badger 5
44. Bold Badger 6
45. Indian Jwala - Bhuter 2014
46. SB7J - Bhuter
47. Pimenta Leopard - Bhuter
48. Orange Bhut - Bhuter 2014
49. Bahamian Goat - Jamison Pitsch
50. Bonda Mu Jacques- -Tommy Grissom
51. Purple Flower Bubblegum Orange - Bhuter
52. Peach Scotch Bonnet - Bhuter
53. Red Dog - smileyguy697 2014
54. Coyote Zen White - ?Bhuter?
55. Peach Bhut WM - Bhuter
56. MOA - HillBillyJeff
57. SBS Purple Ornamental - smokemaster
58. Scotch Brain F6 - FreePortBum
59. Fatalii Gourmet Jigsaw - Ford's Fiery Foods
60. Green Hornet - romy6
61. BOC - Bhuter
62. Cappuccino SB - Bhuter
63. Fatalii Jigsaw - HillBillyJeff
64. Monster Apocalisse - Bhuter

65. Jalapeno Purple - White Hot Peppers
66. 7 Pot Pink - White Hot Peppers
67. PDN x 7 Pot Caramel F2 - ?Bhuter?

68. Vencentian Seasoning - Aron Taylor
69. Peach Wasp - White Hot Peppers
70. Bonda Ma Jacques   - ???
71. Bahamian Goat - Buckeye
72. Blue Christmas - Hippy Seed

Thanks for looking.  I'll get a picture or two up tomorrow.
Nice list! Some overlap with my grow for sure. Did your pdn x 7pot Carmel come from "don't Panic"? Pretty sure he got the f1 pod from Bhuter and saved seeds, wish Bhuter would come online with some better info/ pics. I guess I could scour his glog from last year.


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You've got a heck of a grow started even if nothing else germinates. But hopefully they all join the show.

These are the results from the seeds you sent to me:
Chocolate Moruga Brain 4/7
Butch T Reaper Scorpion 2/6
Brazilian Moruga 6/6
Mustard Moruga Brain 4/6
Carolina Reaper 3/6
Trinidad Scorpion Butch T 1/6
Chocolate Primo Reaper 0/6
I Scream Scorpion 3/6

This is the treatment I gave them:
1) 10% bleach soak for 5 minutes, followed by a thorough rinse in clean water.
2) .15% H2O2 soak for 1 hour.
3) Agitate in sugar water with an effervescent tablet until effervescence ceases.
4) Soak overnight in 35 mL/gallon humic acid in water. (Fulvic acid was preferred, but I don't have any of that.)
5) Plant as usual.

I gave 100 of my oldest OS Red BJ seeds the same treatment and boosted the germination rate to 74% vs. 69% for a control batch. Not terribly impressive, but at least it didn't make matters worse.

Hope you have a great grow this year.
Thanks. No, I haven't done any trades or buys from "don't Panic", so it couldn't have been from them.
And yes, I do wish Bhuter would come back. I understand how easy it is to not log on for a bit, then it gets difficult to come back.  Kinda embarrassing that you haven't been on for so long.  At least that is what happens to me.  Anxiety and depression suck.  Still learning to deal with it.
Walchit said:
Nice list! Some overlap with my grow for sure. Did your pdn x 7pot Carmel come from "don't Panic"? Pretty sure he got the f1 pod from Bhuter and saved seeds, wish Bhuter would come online with some better info/ pics. I guess I could scour his glog from last year.
Sawyer, you really went all out on those seeds, thank you!
Thanks dragonfire!  We'll see how well I do with them. It is ridiculus that I keep finding peppers I just "have" to grow.  Lots of seeds didn't get planted.


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Hey, Craig, welcome to the 2019 season.
Better late than never!
Very impressive - 72 varieties! I'm happy
to see that the PDNxBMJ seeds have
popped for you. You will have at least
one of each! 
Good luck going forward, my friend! Am
looking forward to seeing how your grow
goes this year.
Here are some pictures. The 6 pack, top left is the Sri Lanka for the Grow Out contest.

Just a shot of the two trays, minus the above six pack.
Can't edit my orginal post now, but I've got hooks on these now.
48. Orange Bhut - Bhuter 2014
70. Bonda Ma Jacques   - ???
edited to add, 4/7/2019 more hooks!
23. Leviathan Gnarly Scorpion WHP - White Hot Peppers
71. Bahamian Goat - Buckeye
Bring me to around 80% success rate.
So far, a success rate of 77%.  Still hoping for more to pop up. The two from World of Zing are from dried peppers from a spice store in London, so not surprised at all about them not sprouting.  I'll try some again next year, but 100s of seeds of each, rather than the 10 or so I tried this year.
Am I the only one here who checks for hooks every few hours, when I'm home?
Most varieties I planted 6.  One or two I planted what I had, which was 5 (didn't keep records of which ones that was).  A few I planted more, when the seed was old, or from a pod I dried whole, and the inside didn't look good at all (again, I didn't keep track of which ones.)  My bad.
CaneDog said:
Ha, no.  I totally do that some days. Generally how many of each variety have you planted, Orekoc?  Not sure why, but somehow I got the impression that you didn't plant many of each.
You are kind to say this, but I have terrible handwriting.  My printing is barely legible, and my cursive is, well how bad it is is better left unsaid.
On the plus side, I have hooks on two more varieties:
23. Leviathan Gnarly Scorpion WHP - White Hot Peppers
71. Bahamian Goat - Buckeye
internationalfish said:
Looking happy and healthy! Good to see another happy WHP customer, and that Bold Badger thing might be the only "mystery seed" deal I'd have actually been interested in. Looking forward to what comes out of those.
Also, you have cool handwriting.  :cool:
Well, one more has popped up! :dance:
13. Freeport Orange SB - White Hot Peppers
So, a few questions, which I have tried searching here, but I get so many hits which don't apply, I gave up.  Hoping someone will take pity on me and answer what I hope are easy questions.
1.  How big of Solo cups give the best results, when used as pots?
2.  Will other brands work, or is there something magical about Solo cups (who's inventor died last year)?
3.  What is this 2 cup thing people are doing? And I don't mean two fisted drinking!
4.  When I replant my seedlings, will they root along the stem if I plant them deeper?  Is this a good idea even? Just found this! "3. bury them stem in media up to the first set of leaves(cotys) for more stability." from the FAQ.  D'oh! Should have looked there first.  Just thought of it a few mintues ago.
Thank you, that is all for now.
Bye bye and buy bonds, as Colonel Potter says.


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Hey Orekoc - does that stand for "Oregon King of Chilies" by the way?
I'll answer question #13 for you, and the answer is Awesome!  I have those FOSB's in this season's grow too.
I use both 9oz and 16oz Solo's and they're each have their place for me.  The 9's take up little space and medium and they fit well into a 2 container step-up for me before going outside. Some of my varieties don't seem to like having so little dirt around their roots and get a little twitchy in them.  Most are fine.  The 16's take more space and dirt, obviously, but if I were to only have a few plants or want to go from solo directly into ground outside or if the plant will be hanging around in solo for some time, I'm more likely to use those.
As far as stems, I usually don't bury the stems unless the seedlings are leggy and I avoid letting them get leggy.  I'd rather have the leaves up at a reasonable level above the soil for good air circulation and limiting soil splash etc. and the stems are pretty much always plenty strong if they're getting any amount of air movement from a fan or wind. Plus some varieties like it more than others - you'll see the thicker dark stems with root bumps trying to grow just above the soil on the ones that will root up the stem better. Nothing really against it, but I' don't see a need and I read somewhere once that it can take energy away from plants that don't have that strong tendency to root easily up the stem.
Thanks CaneDog!  Now to go buy some Solo cups, just wish I could figure out the 2 cup thing.
No, my nym comes from messing up some backwards spelling and combining words.  If I had done it correctly it would have been Roekoc.  But it is what it is.  Coke, which I drink too much of, well diet Coke, and OR, for Oregon. Yeah, not clever I know. 
Edit to correct word usage.


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Ha. I still like the "King of Chilies," but King of Coca Cola is cool too.  It's interesting to hear what's behind people's names.
As to the cups, I see two or three different methods using a cup-in-cup setup.  One is simply to catch the water than pours through the bottom of the cup.  A spacer, such as a pebble or marble, can be put in the bottom cup to allow a reservoir to collect the pour through simply to not make a mess.  Or, the bottom cup can be used to pour water directly into in order to bottom water the top cup when it is placed back in. 
The more specific "double-cup" method is to use a spacer in the bottom cup and begin by top watering into the top cup, collecting limited run off in the bottom cup.  Then, when the roots begin to grow out through the holes in the bottom of the top cup, one begins bottom watering by pouring a nutrient solution into the reservoir and allowing the roots to grow down and circle in the reservoir creating a form of hybrid Kratky.  This prompts the more aggressive growth typical of hydro method while the plant is still growing in the soil of the top cup as well.  Some limited top-watering is still done to keep the upper roots moist.  Personally, I'm not a big fan of this type of double-cupping, but some people use it with great success.  
Well, this morning I found another one had popped up.
42. Bold Badger 4
So, all 6 of Bold Badger mystery peppers have at least one seedling.  Woo-hoo!
Going to start moving some of them into individual pots (cups) in a couple of days.
Hey, internationalfish, if you like, I can send you some of Bold Badger's mystery seed for next year.  I've got, like a cup full of them.


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I agree with CaneDog re burying stems. Peppers aren't tomatoes. I generally replant to the existing soil line, like one would plant a tree, maybe a little deeper for one with pronounced root-bumps.

I think there is nothing special about Solo cups, unless it's the way they nest for the aforementioned 2-cup method. As a general rule, the larger the pot, the longer you can go before needing to repot. I'm usually constrained by space and available potting mix.

I had noticed the "coke" reference in your name, but wasn't going to say anything lest you weren't talking about the liquid kind. Oregon King of Chilis is what I'll see from now on.
Walchit said:
Nice list! Some overlap with my grow for sure. Did your pdn x 7pot Carmel come from "don't Panic"? Pretty sure he got the f1 pod from Bhuter and saved seeds, wish Bhuter would come online with some better info/ pics. I guess I could scour his glog from last year.
Hey guys! Great list! 72?? Whew! Get your labeling hand ready. Lol.

I crossed the PDN with a 7 pot caramel in 2017 and grew out 1 seed of F1 last year. It ripened to red, but not before going through a menagerie of color changes. I really liked the whole plant the whole time...until red. I was disappointed. But it was still a habanero-heat, edible pepper. Hopefully F2 will bring out other variants.
Also, the Orange Bhut from 2014 was actually a yellow Bhut. It wasn't smooth-skinned like Judy's. It was rough, bumpy and pendant shaped. A really awesome pepper...but not orange. I have certain pics of it where it looks orange. So I actually thought it WAS. Mislabeling in my part. I'm sorry.

Bhut 2014