Orekoc's 2019 grow

Can't think of a clever topic title, so, it is what it is.
I started late this year.  Planted on two different dates, 3/24/2019 and 3/29/2019, didn't get them on to the heating mats till 3/31/2019. 
Here is the list, we will see how many come up. The first 36 were planted first, the last 36 were planted, well, last.
The bolded ones have at least one sprouted.
The Bold Badger ones are from his big bag o' mixed seed.  I took out 6 placentas that either looked different from each other, or were a different color.  Then planted 6 seeds from each.  Thus, the numbers 1 - 6.
Sawyer is starting me some seeds (ones I bought from ButchT), and I plan to buy a few plants from him as well.
1. Saraga Scotch Bonnet - Trident
2. Cobra - Pepper Guru
3. Alan Boatman TF - White Hot Peppers
4. Beth Boyd SB - White Hot Peppers
5. Jamaican Hot Chocolate - White Hot Peppers
6. Bahamian Beast Peach F3 WHP - White Hot Peppers
7. PDN x Reaper - White Hot Peppers
8. Reaper x Lemon Drop - White Hot Peppers
9. Primo x Lemon Drop - White Hot Peppers
10. Salem - Trident
11. Obeah - Trident
12. Papa Dreddie - Malarky
13. Freeport Orange SB - White Hot Peppers
14. Hababon Peach Cross - White Hot Peppers
15. Orange Ribbon - White Hot Peppers
16. Aji Cachucha Cuba - ??Cachucha??
17. Scotch Bonnet WHP - White Hot Peppers
18. Bahamian Beast Mustard Stingers F2 WHP - White Hot Peppers
19. Sri Lanka Chili Red - Pepper Guru
20. Aleppo - Lawrence Family Farms
21. Bike Billy Jalapeno - Lawrence Family Farms

22. Scotch Brains ISO - White Hot Peppers
23. Leviathan Gnarly Scorpion WHP - White Hot Peppers
24. Pimenta De Neyde x Bonda Ma Jacques F6 White
25. Bishop's Crown - Bhuter
26. Big Sun Habanero - Lawrence Family Farms
27. Pablano - Lawrence Family Farms

28. Tekne Dolmasi - Lawrence Family Farms
29. Spezzanno Thai Chile - Mike & Holly Brown
30. Chapeu Du Frade - Lawrence Family Farms
31. Purple Bhut Pumpkin - White Hot Peppers
32. Pimenta De Neyde x Bonda Ma Jacques F6 Violet
33. Pimenta De Neyde x Bonda Ma Jacques F4 White
34. Morupi Amarela - Bhuter
35. Penis Pepper - Lawrence Family Farms
36. Pimiento Cristal - Lawrence Family Farms

37. Xian Horn - World of Zing
38. Facing Heaven 7 Star Chillies - World of Zing
39. Bold Badger 1
40. Bold Badger 2
41. Bold Badger 3

42. Bold Badger 4
43. Bold Badger 5
44. Bold Badger 6
45. Indian Jwala - Bhuter 2014
46. SB7J - Bhuter
47. Pimenta Leopard - Bhuter
48. Orange Bhut - Bhuter 2014
49. Bahamian Goat - Jamison Pitsch
50. Bonda Mu Jacques- -Tommy Grissom
51. Purple Flower Bubblegum Orange - Bhuter
52. Peach Scotch Bonnet - Bhuter
53. Red Dog - smileyguy697 2014
54. Coyote Zen White - ?Bhuter?
55. Peach Bhut WM - Bhuter
56. MOA - HillBillyJeff
57. SBS Purple Ornamental - smokemaster
58. Scotch Brain F6 - FreePortBum
59. Fatalii Gourmet Jigsaw - Ford's Fiery Foods
60. Green Hornet - romy6
61. BOC - Bhuter
62. Cappuccino SB - Bhuter
63. Fatalii Jigsaw - HillBillyJeff
64. Monster Apocalisse - Bhuter

65. Jalapeno Purple - White Hot Peppers
66. 7 Pot Pink - White Hot Peppers
67. PDN x 7 Pot Caramel F2 - ?Bhuter?

68. Vencentian Seasoning - Aron Taylor
69. Peach Wasp - White Hot Peppers
70. Bonda Ma Jacques   - ???
71. Bahamian Goat - Buckeye
72. Blue Christmas - Hippy Seed

Thanks for looking.  I'll get a picture or two up tomorrow.
Ah, no.  Haven't figured out drip irrigation yet.  I'll be watering with hoses and buckets.  I'm retired so I'll have plenty of time to do that.  Gives me an excuse to not clean house, not that I do that anyway.
Last year I had 24 pots of peppers.  So 10 times as many this year shouldn't be an issue, right?  Should keep me outside and doing physical work rather than playing on the computer all day.
luvmesump3pp3rz said:
that is a huge amount of containers. do you do drip irrigation with that many plants?


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When we live in PNW we have to do what we have to do

I lost a couple of annuums to being blown off a table a
week ago, so picked up a couple of Bonnies plants. An
Orange Mini snacking pepper and a Yellow Banana

Ya gotta do...


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lol its a lot to water! here my wife and i between indoor houseplants, outdoor flowers and veggies we have maybe 35 containers. i didn`t count em its just a ballpark number. we water the same way. hoses and buckets. i`m not retired yet but getting closer. each year my grow is getting a little bit bigger. good luck with everything!  :cheers:


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EricBee said:
Thank you! I've been lurking the past year, but figure I'd login to interact with the Glogs. Excited to see other Oregon growers.
It is a growing community!