Organic section

Before someone jumps down my throat and says "there was already a post about this"
I did find that thread but it was locked and the last post said it would be revisited at a later time and that was May 2012....

So can we get an organic only growers section? I believe we have enough organic only growers here to support said section...

I know we don't want to many sections but I think we have enough organic growers to justify it...I am a hydroponic grower now but I realize we don't have enough hydro growers to justify our own section...

I'm not here to convince anyone.. If it is not recognized that an organic section would be a worthy option for this site then hey more power to the people... Every other gardening or related type forum I go to has an organic section... Maybe that's what makes THP different..

I mean it wouldn't make sense to have a section where someone who is an organic grower can go to get answers to their specific organic questions instead have to filter through a gazillion search results.. Hmmm.
KevinH said:
OK I started it. I am not an all Organic grower so, its up to you to get it going.
up to me and me only? I'm sure I'm not the only organic gardener here.. Forgive me if I'm wrong kind sir..
I would love to learn to grow organic peppers I hate useing pesticides. I am looking for a organic way to ge t rid of ants they are all underground no mound dig a small hole and they are everywhere I dont know what to do can you please help
+1 to an all organic section.
Tex, ants are tough to get rid of organically or I should say naturally, but it can be done. I know this has worked, but not every single time.
I think the best approach is to combine different things, such as whats mentioned above, with something like Orange Guard spray. You have to be patient and persevere. If you make their life miserable, at least they leave. I have had problems with ants before as well, and I used a ant trap that have the Borax and some ant bait, along with the natural sprays and I got rid of them.
Make it a poooooollll (looks like pool, think poll)
I preemptively vote yes, or failing that, just generally support a separate forum. Hell I'm a hybrid grower, I don't mix conventional and natural, but there's no way I'll never run coir again with some lovely Kool-Aid plant feed.
I mean come on, there's like six seven cooking forums.
I don't even think it needs a poll to be honest ...we have enough organic growers and let's face it, it's a facet of growing peppers that many people embrace..I don't see any harm in having an organic section, like you said there are numerous cooking and throwdown sections...;)

However , I'm not going to argue with anyone about making one or anything like that..its quite obvious there is a reason that there isn't one already because it has been asked for since 2012...This is the "suggestion" section isn't it? That's exactly what it is , a suggestion..;)

But in the end it doesn't really matter though because we are all gonna grow how we are gonna grow and can use the search function and the "growing peppers" section ...

Edit.. That sounds like I'm arguing with you miquelovic lol I'm not though ...:)
sp33d said:
So has any of the mods or boss man see this post so we can get an answer??
OH, I so doubledog dare you to run a poll. Let me put it this way when ever I write a mod, I get a prompt thorough response. Unless its about the start of a Official Organics Thread.   0 response everytime :(
I would love a Organic section. 99.5% of all my growth are 100% pure organic. Organic or nothing. If I don't grow organic, I could just buy the vegs from the store. Organic is best for me and my family, friends and neighbors. More important its best for the local, national, international environment. Most important of all, its best for the world! I have quite good experience growing peppers and vegs organic. 
You guys crack me up.

But seriously this makes me laugh.

hogleg said:
OH, I so doubledog dare you to run a poll. Let me put it this way when ever I write a mod, I get a prompt thorough response. Unless its about the start of a Official Organics Thread.   0 response everytime :(
BWAAAAAAHAAAAAHAAAAA!!! where's PMD ? Tell him to get his ass in here!
Dont do it Speed, I might have just got a warning point :rofl:  lemme go check :rofl:
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