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PaulG 2019

No grow log for the 2018 season other than the Pimenta de Neyde x Bonda Ma Jacques
thread dedicated to Trippa's cross. That one is an ongoing community project going into
second year and a test of the F7 generation. I imagine I will mention it once-in-a-while in
this thread, but the details of its progress will be in the dedicated thread.
I am deciding on a grow list for the 2019 season after growing only Trippa's cross this
season (2018). I definitely have some old favorites that will comprise the great majority
of the grow. I have limited space, so I'm counting on nature to help me make the final
decision. I'll probably start lots of seeds since I'm gun-shy from the poor germination
rates the past couple of seasons.
Here's the pool. Would be nice to be able to grow a bunch of all of them!  I think my
neighbor will shelter the overflow in his yard, but we'll see what to plant and how many
based on what might germinate  :rofl:
c. chinese - 10 varieties
  • PdN x BMJ, F7, white and violet varieties, Trippa's cross
  • Fatali, F2 of seed from Pepper Joe's
  • 7 Pot Burgundy, brown phenotype, pecan shape from 2017 F2 of the 7PB from Windchicken 
  • Scotch Bonnet, MoA, F2 of seeds from John/Sim, not high production, but some nice pods
  • JA Red Habanero, F5 of seed from Walk Good/Devv
  • Yellow Scorpion, F7 aka Yellow Trinidad Moruga Scorpion and CARDI Scorpion, from Spankycolts plant 2012
  • Bhut Jolokia, Red, F4, from Spankycolts plant 2012
  • Bhut Jolokia, Chocolate, F3 of seed from Georgia Growhead
  • Bhut Jolokia, hybrid, F2 - I believe it is a  (BJred) x (Pdn x BMJ F1 or F2)
  • Yellow 7 Pot, F2 of seed from Trippa 2013
c. annuum - 4 varieties:
  • JA Red Mushroom, F3, brown phenotype, seed from Refining Fire
  • Pimenta de Padron - Spanish seed, fry up while small and green, throw on some salt
  • Pimenta del Piquillo - Spanish seed, sweet, very flavorful, small stuffers
  • Guindilla - Spanish seed, spicy heat, great pickled, long and skinny
c. frutescens - 2 varieties:
  • Nagahari from Tezpur, India, supposedly very, very hot freebie from Pepper Joe's 2017
  • Chili Costa Rica, F2 (2014) from Hippy Seed Company seed, 2012
c. pubescens - 1 variety:
  • Red Rocoto, F3 of Peruvian Market seed, 2016
That about does it. Seeding time will be here before we know it!
Bhut Jolokia x PdN starting to stretch out:

Thanks Dragon 49!

The purple growth in back of the plant is the
bottom of one of my Purple Thunder crosses.
A few random pics of the plants. Weather is turning oh,
so slowly toward decent. It looks like July 1 will see better
weather (but forecast is overcast for July 4!) Good Lord.
Aji Amarillo flower:

Of all the varieties I've grown, the Aji Amarillo sets pods
like no other!
Mr. Sausage's (SLR) latest pods are much larger than
the early pods. I will probably just let the runty
pods dry out on the plant, and pick the decent
pods for use:

Looks like orange is the final color for these Sri
Lanka Red:
DWB said:
I love your garden Paul. It's so orderly and organized and it's such a pleasure to look at fruit without peeling back layers of jungle foliage. And yum, berries. I love berries.
What is the hedge in the background?
Thanks for the kind words, DW.
The hedge is Arbor Vitae. We have it trimmed every year.
Unfortunately, a Blue Spruce is shading out part of it.
They don't like the shade at all.
PaulG said:
Thanks for the kind words, DW.
The hedge is Arbor Vitae. We have it trimmed every year.
Unfortunately, a Blue Spruce is shading out part of it.
They don't like the shade at all.

Wow, I never would have guessed Arbor Vitae. I've planted quite a few Arbor Vitae Green Giant around here as landscape/memorial trees. Every year we get one as a living Christmas tree. When the nice, large "grown in pot" Eastern Red Cedar became unavailable, I switched to the Arbor Vitae for a while.Then I tried Carolina Sapphire (Arizona Cypress) and find them to be superior. I can't believe how fast they grow. The 2017 seven gallon one of these has already outgrown the 2015 and 2016 fifteen gallon Arbor Vitae. They're also very beautiful with their blue coloring.