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fermenting Pear Burn

You ever have a time when you been renting somewhere for 30 year's and next thing you know property got sold out from under you and you have to go well no hard feelings at all . The point I had a freezer with loads of peppers and did not want to throw them away like most all my other stuff. So I did a freezer batch. And I had some stuff looked crazy in the top of jar and was cleaning it out and this sauce I made small sample and all the peppers in this batch, it just burns lips and tongue, I kind of enjoyed that frantic what the heck am I going to do with all these peppers dumped them in a big fermenter and the sauce is really nice as usual I don't put a lot of salt in and I saw it after I process it so it's bland but very hot you can't even taste the peaches.

I have done the method before a had failed the yogurt liquid seem to really make a difference on ferment


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