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Hi all,

Looking forward to get to know the community! I grow my vegetables in The Netherlands, on a plot of about 200 m2, starting early by germinating and growing some peppers and other veggies inside that have a longer growing season then our climate normally allows.

I started my first pepper plant on a windowsill about ten years ago, not bothered by any knowledge on this topic whatsoever. Somehow this plant succeeded in forming fruit.

I quickly grew fond of growing my own vegetables and peppers have almost always take up quite some space of what I have available. Been reading up ever since and had many failures the more I got to know about cultivating peppers. Love it! I have much to learn still, which I hope this forum will assist with.

Apart from growing, I really enjoy pickling, fermenting, canning and experimenting in the kitchen. I especially love making different kinds of sambal from my own peppers.

This year I have (once again) way to many seeds for my indoor prepare station. Let's see how crowded it'll be by april. For now, I'm registering on here with the hope it'll quench my itching to start the grow season. I am trying to postpone putting the first seed in soil, but I'm not sure how much longer I can resist.

Happy to meet you all.
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My problem as well too many seeds (and still more to come :lol:) and restraining myself from starting too early with minimal growing space indoors.
How are you holding on @Tinkerbelle099? :) All tips welcome. I'm afraid I can't hold on much longer now that all my trays are cleaned and in place, my seeds are sorted end my propagators have been tested.
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:lol: Holding on? Not very well. I get my new seeds out weekly and coo over them.
Only thing stopping me germinating several hundred is the sad fact that I have no space.
Although I do have a cunning plan - I could start some of the super hots and keep them on the window sill indoors. I have room for about 6 pots :lol:
It's going to be a difficult decision which peppers I start first


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