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Pepper People are the Best

I'm having an off year, mites and a leaf curling virus, and I'm not expecting to harvest much this year. So I decided to contact a friend on this site and see if I could get a little stash for the winter. It arrived today and it blew me out of the water. Over two pounds of superhots. I'm not the biggest consumer of peppers so I have little doubt that I am good to go for the off season. Thanks friend.


Close up for grins.


Pepper people are definitely the best.
Great score for ya, Yes there is a lot of great people here. Are you going to dehydrate or make sauce? All those peppers should hold you for awhile you should get enough seeds to do a pretty large grow out next year.
George W.
I may make a sauce SS, you got any good recipes for me to try?

I will powderize some, sauce some and then freeze the rest. I may try canning a couple of half pints. Got to thinking about making some spicy sauerkraut.
I hope this isn't a thread hijack but I just wanted to add to this. Got into peppers through a friend, found this site the more I got into it, and signed up. I don't think it was even a week, and AZPeppergirl hits me up in a PM and ask if I would like to trade seeds/pods whatever. Me being new to the chili world I didn't have much to offer, well she sends me seeds anyways and hooks me up. I was caught off guard and blown away by her generosity. It's people like this that make the chili world go round. I just wanted to say thank you publicly. Pepperheads rock!
No worries FITH! Feel free to pass on all the thanks you want. Makes the world go round.

Made a little puree tonight of some of the more pimply pods, not quite sure where or how it's going to end up though. I'm thinking I'll use it to add a bit of fire to some store bought sauces. I'm a big fan of Cookies BBQ sauce and the original Kraft stuff. Thinking a dollup of the pepper puree into a pint of those might start a fire or two. Here's a little peek at the final product. It's just peppers, couple of dashes of vinegar and lemon juice and a bit of sugar.


Yummy looking hunh?
Patrick that does look good! Awesome score, whoever helped you out is no doubt a good person. This place is awesome. Looks like the first cool front is coming this weekend! We'll get it a day after you guys do.