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nutrients Phosphorus Deficiency or Nute Burn?

solid7 said:
In general terms, probably that CMH is the better light source - although later generations of LED are so cheap, and so much improved, that I'd love to see a side by side grow out.  You can purchase a ton of horsepower, and run it longer, for far less expense, with less heat and maintenance, with newer generation LEDs.  The cheap light market has gotten so competitive, that you can even buy low priced models with high quality components. (I saw a light that had samsung boards, and a Meanwell power supply - of which I paid 2/3 the price of the light for, alone, for a home electronics project)
My only question would be, are you keeping a running total of your expenses?  Between your feedings and your electricity bill, I think you're going to have some pretty expensive peppers. :D

Lol I know. Im counting it as a hobby though. The led was 300 watts max. The cmh pair I have is about 660 including ballasts. I pay about 7 cents per kWh so it is about 20 a month for lights. Nutes I dont even want to into that one. Lets just say my next brow is going to be organic soil.

Feeding and watering daily is a nuisance to me.
Yeah, I'm really big on cheaply assembled organic grows.  Will be starting a new indoor project soon, myself, I think. (just waiting to see how my job situation looks)
For what it's worth... the problem with LED has never truly been wattage and output, but consistency of saturation.  Again, I have to stress that the new gen are quite good.  They have much more even coverage all the way out to the trim.  And where any light fails, a good flat top cut in a tent works wonders.  Similar to what you'd see across the top of a "SCROG".