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Plantguy76 2021

I am still in the planing stage for this year grow.
My list is not even properly formed .
I got alot of old seed that I've been going threw & waiting for a order to come in.
This year really the direction I've been heading these past seasons is geared towards pepper jelly or rather Jam as I come to believe that's what I actually make .
I'm also looking towards pickling & hot sauce making .
My ideal pepper profile is hot to very hot ,sweet & fruity not much floral citrus is fine as well.
I loved the Yellow Trinidad Scorpion I had some seasons back crunchy , juicy & sweet with fruity & citrus tones
It was pretty darn hot as well.
I may of been a cross the guy I tried it form never would give a clear answer .
If it was a cross I believe it was with a scotch bonnet.
I've rambled enough for now lol.
Anyway my list for now has only one pepper on it & that's Rayados Jalapeno .
I will do a proper list when I've decided better just wanted to get the glog out.

I have don't know what this is other that it is one of yours Paul .
I am guessing it's ether a Jamaican red hand or Trippaul Threat peach F3
It is one of my favorites right now with it's tree shrub habitat

That short one has a Trippapul tag in it & the other looks like it but there different than the ones in the grow tent that are more tree like

The 3 short ones in blue are the hababon's peach that my crossed with some annuum.
I talked to Justin & they was growing by some annuum's .
In the middle of the back row is Jamaican Red hab with Trippapaul's Tree's on each side also that green container in the front row with the habbon's is a TrippaPaul
Meanwhile I decided that I am going to redo the garden spot next season
Removing all the swimming pool raise beds & replacing with some raise bed kits form Menards .
I will used burpee raise bed & container soil a work in progress
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I need to dig up my red milkweed that as seeded in various places
I plan to sow a few each of Paul's & Crafty seeds next season .
I also found some old seeds I selected form Jamaican red mushroom peppers maybe I can get a few of these to sprout
Well that what I am thinking so for but subject to change


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You have got a menagerie going there, my friend!

Any Trippaul Threat varieties should show some
purple foliage early on. Good luck growing those