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Plantguy76 2021

I am still in the planing stage for this year grow.
My list is not even properly formed .
I got alot of old seed that I've been going threw & waiting for a order to come in.
This year really the direction I've been heading these past seasons is geared towards pepper jelly or rather Jam as I come to believe that's what I actually make .
I'm also looking towards pickling & hot sauce making .
My ideal pepper profile is hot to very hot ,sweet & fruity not much floral citrus is fine as well.
I loved the Yellow Trinidad Scorpion I had some seasons back crunchy , juicy & sweet with fruity & citrus tones
It was pretty darn hot as well.
I may of been a cross the guy I tried it form never would give a clear answer .
If it was a cross I believe it was with a scotch bonnet.
I've rambled enough for now lol.
Anyway my list for now has only one pepper on it & that's Rayados Jalapeno .
I will do a proper list when I've decided better just wanted to get the glog out.
Well the aphids are back where do these buggers come form it's a inside grow for goodness sake is it the soil?
These vigorous plants are taking it so far.
I am also starting to think what I thought was the Jamaican Habanero was a serrano type & that makes me wonder did I end up saving six of them .
I think the Jamaican Habanero is in the grow tent as there one with the Trippaul Peach that has a low habitat with really wrinkled leaves
The hababon's aren't like that but my get similar later on with there growth
Please excuse the mess this is Jamaican Red Habanero
All these are form seed Paul G sent .
I think there is a Trippaul peach in the kitchen & possible another cause I thought I had five of them and there is only 3 in the grow tent
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The 3 blue in the front are Hababon Peach F2 but I think going by growth habitat it may have crossed again with some annuum of Justin's
They lost most of there leaves do to my last spraying they seem to be more sensitive than the others in that regard.
The other with them is the third Trippaul Peach
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Glad to see you growing those out, @Plantguy76 :clap:.
Looking forward to pods in about 6-7 months :cheers:
I lost one of my serrano peppers but that's fine it was weak & got a cajohn's at mom's that's a beast.
I will move it to my place eventually & it will be in the middle room it's nice & warm in there gets sun form the south side
Told my buddy John he needs to grow. 😆 These last I checked at Jim site had a pack left .
This pepper came with pipen honey peppers
It made a roaring come back the pippen peppers haven't really made a comeback but one was trying .
The little I I've messed with pippens sweet peppers they seem to be more sensitive/delicate than others I've grown
Yes some sweet peppers have that trate pippens I haven't tried but personally I stick with a few I no and trust over the years..and the wife enjoys to.😉


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Looking good down in Jackson, brother.
Keep up the good work, friend :clap:
So continuing my fight with aphids but I think there manageable .
I lost/culled a Serrano but think there are at least two around probably hidalgo
I thought I had two more but they may be trippaul threat peach f3 but if they are these two will be different than the majority now some pics