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smoking Polska Wędzoną

A super simple Polish sausage that is one of my absolute favorites to make! Only eight ingredients if you include the water......

2270g Pork Butt
1.8% Kosher Salt
.25% Cure #1
.25% Sugar
.2% Black Pepper
.2% Thyme (original recipe calls for Marjoram, I like Thyme better)
.35% Garlic, fresh, fine mince
10% COLD Water

Ground the pork through my 7mm plate. I actually ground up two pork butts, and I made sure to get most of the fat cap from both of them in my sausage mix.
Mixed with the spices and water until my hands hurt (cold) and the mince stuck to my hand when held upside down.
Stuffed into 32/35mm casings (Syracuse Casing Co), then hung to dry for about 90 minutes.

Off they went into my pellet smoker side box @ ~145°. Put smoke on them for three hours, then poached in a 170° water bath to finish to ~ 154°. One of my favorite ways to eat this one is sliced cold with some spicy mustard. So simple, so good! :)