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fermenting Preserving fermented sauce

First time doing this.
Got some ferments going on, mostly with ripe Jalapenos. I use 1 gallon jars, 3 or 3.5% brine, peppers, carrots, apples, garlic, ginger, peaches.... Different recipes, but all of them have some kind of fruit in except one.
They are fermenting in a dark place, the temperature is about 80f, and the lid is loose to allow breathing.
Two of them are in for 2 weeks now and the smell is amazing, tried one slice of the peppers and is delicious. One of them developed kahm yeast and it was the one without fruit inside, so scraped it off, blended the ferment using some of the brine, boiled it adding 9% white vinegar (20% of the ferment weight), left to cool down , put it in some jars, closed the lids and place them in the fridge.

I don't know if i did this corectly, fermentation virgin :)

I am interested in how to preserve my fermented hot sauce for long shelf life, step by step, without any fancy methods.
Should i heat the sauce just to stop the fermentation process or there some other cause to it. Wont the vinegar do the same?
Should i add vinegar?
If the ph is low enough should i water bath the jars for longer shelf life or not?

There are all sorts of info out there and it is kind of confusing.

I know it's been a little bit since you last were online, but I wanted to say your peppers look great, and I loved Skopje! My ex partner is from Macedonia, and I will always remember fondly of our time spent together there. She was from Shtip.