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Processed my first batch today

Hi again all,

I made a few posts a couple months ago asking if my sauces looked ok, they had sediment growth in them. So I took the advice of the forum members, put them in the cabinet and forgot about them.

Finally opened up the jars for processing and they smelled amazing! So they passed the smell test. Then I tested pH of the brine, and it was around 4.0, great lets make sauce.

Made 2 sauces. One hot (red), one mild (green). IMO red turned out much much better than green. Red starts with a very nice pineapple and mango sweetness, then has a very slight acid bite, then the heat comes. Its quite hot, but it is subdued by the sweetness.

After blending all the ingredients with some of the brine from fermentation. Sauces were boiled for about 30 minutes. Bottles, caps, ladle. and funnels were boiled for 30 minutes. Then I got bottled each of the 12 bottles you see hear. I figure with the pH and the cooking, theyre be good at room temp for 6 months, and in the fridge for at least 12 months. These are underestimates probably. Theyre all in the fridge now just bc I have room.

Red sauce: 7 pepper pineapple surprise
White onion
Lemon juice
White vinegar
Red Savina habaneros
Yellow scotch bonnets
Red ghosts
Peach ghosts
Scorpion butch T
7 pot Trinidad yellow
Copenhagen orange ghosts
Red and yellow bell peppers
Xanthin gum

Green sauce: unnamed
White onion
Lime juice
White vinegar
Serrano peppers
Poblano peppers
Heatless habaneros
Green bell peppers
Xanthin gum

Tell me what you all think....I wish I could share!

Cant wait to plant next season and make more sauce.



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Yeah all those peppers went into 2 different sauces, we found the end of year harvest last season at the local farmers market and it was enough to make 2 good sauces with a ton of variety