yield Prolific Jalapenos

My Japs are producing pods like bunny rabbits, so must find ways to preserve.
Here's my first batch of pickled Jalapeno Rings, some now in freezer.

What else can I do with these? Thinking some hot sauce (maybe some with and without some Habs)./

Other ideas?

Well, I would start by letting some turn red. You can get green japs in the grocery store year around.

Then either freeze them or dry them. Japs freeze pretty well with their thick flesh. I don't really care for pickled peppers.

I wish my japs were as prolific. :mope:
I would roast some and then throw them in the freezer. Once roasted you can soak some whole in soy sauce and they come out great to eat with steak. You can slice them up and fry with onions, garlic, and then add cheese to make chile con queso. Finally lots of different fire roasted salsas can be made with them. My favorite is just a simple pureed jalapeno with salt so you can really enjoy the actual flavor of the chile. You can also blend in a tiny bit of onion or garlic if you like. I avoid adding cumin or oregano but you can try fresh cilantro for a nice fresh taste. Keeping them unroasted, you can also make jalapeno poppers. I believe they still work for poppers even after freezing.
Congrats on the bumper crop Padre! There are some great ways to preserve them. Which ever jalapenos I don't eat wrapped in bacon, stuffed and on the grill are used in corn salsa and jalapenos jelly. YUMMY!!!
Two things I would do with them. Smoke some and make chipotle powder to last a life time. And make some Jalapeno jelly, or chipotle jelly for that matter. I had a Chipotle/Ancho/Red Belle jelly at my work the other day that blew my mind, not real spicy but absolutely amazing on some goat cheese.