Public Debut - Warrant Man Pepper Co

THP and all who may read,
This day marks (almost to the day) my first year of legitimate business operation. Concluded in the same manner from which it started, the Holiday Market in Marion Square downtown Charleston, SC. 
I had no idea when I began this journey where it would take me. I've since met folks from all over the world. Been on television, newsprint and digital media across the globe.
Through THP, I've met some really cool people, some of whom I consider friends and would gladly give my last breath.
Most all have offered friendly, reasonable advice in my endeavor, and for this I am grateful beyond words. 
From the bottom of my heart, I say "thank you" to THP and the members here. You know who you are.
Cheers to my brothers and sisters  :cheers:
For any and all members new or otherwise, know that this place is filled with many wonderful people. Questions or concerns? Put it out there, true and heartfelt answers will come!
Wishing all a great 2019 new year!!!
Reggie Sharpe - The Warrant Man
Dang WM! That's a good article. My FIL was a Seattle police detective and he liked "the chase" as well. He likened it to a hunt and a puzzle for a career. I would have liked the job I think, always something different and new, all types of people and places, some good, a lot baaad. Of the thousands of stories he told me this one was my favorite, I'll shorten it up a lot. LOL He got a call from a woman saying that grandma was acting weird, not ever letting anyone talk to grandpa on the phone and lately wouldn't let anyone in the house. Long story short, Jack (my FIL) got a warrant and searched the house of this 94 yo lady. They found grandpa in like, 200 pint and quart Ball jars in the basement. He said, "I think she finally got sick of his shit". SHE CANNED HIM! LITERALLY! :Rofl:

Thanks for your service sir, I have always appreciated law enforcement and service members. :cheers:
Thanks for the props. I think I could have a good conversation with your FIL.
But damn! That's definitely one for the books! I've seen some crazy sh*t, but that one takes the cake. I did share something similar here early on when I first joined (before I figured stuff out) Hogleg let me use his  fishing stories thread to park it there. If time permits check it out. 
I kinda got the feel that the FIL is no longer? My apologies and condolences if so. If I am mistaken, I said that to say this - PM me with a mailing address and I will hook him up with a really cool box! 
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