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@salsalady, first congrats! Now, so why didn't they acknowledge Texas Creek in their write-up, like they did for most other sauce makers? Kinda pisses me off! You want me to go kick their azz? :flamethrower:
Thanks DR, for the congrats and the offer to kick butt. :lol:

The new PE labels do not have Texas Creek on them.
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Welll...OKAYYY...I GUESS. Still be happy to treat them like a dead horse, lol. :deadhorse:
Thanks, GS-
Thanks, Boss!

Gotta get it on The Hot Ones next.....
THAT would be cool. Adoboloco and Lucky Dog have been on there. Super cool to be able to say...Hey! I know that sauce/maker!
Thanks, Paul!
Thanks, Marturo!
Hell Yeah! SL rocking number one! Other competitors were like wtf???...

have you ever thought of applying those drops to a pain patch? I really need something like that. My skin might melt off but being out of pain...golden.

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Thanks, Voodoo!

DWB has a thread here somewhere about using capaicin powder in a cream for back pain and how it got him completely off opioids. I cant find it using my phoane, will try to link it later.
Thanks, Siccy!

XOXO to you and Sonja!

Here's the thread about the capsaicin pain relief.

Voodoo6- check this out-
Thanks much SL for the thread, I do remember reading it, but reread it again. Diclofenac Sodium topical gel (1%, they also make a 2%) usta be RX only, but is now over the counter under the name voltaren. I wonder how the results would be if you combined your product using the same process DWB used with the DMSO/emu oil into the voltaren gel.


Very good SL. It's about time you got this recognition. The great thing about what you have is you can make anything "the hottest in the world" without a trace of that nastyass extract taste.