social Pure Evil 13mil ranked #1 hottest

grats on the achievement and publicity! we've never communicated directly, but i admire the wisdom and guidance you provide to this place.
Thanks, gyo~

There is some saying about wisdom is learning from other peoples mistakes...or something like that.
Well, I have made PLENTY of mistakes, might as well save others the troubles... :cool:
when I first got some PE , I put a single drop on a bite size snickers bar to test it.

it was a candy bar from hel and that was the 6.4 mil version.

it is unbelievably clean heat though .
And the sugars should of cut the heat a bit.

Thanks, Ashen
It has been done a few times. Chocolate covered PE nougat. Spicy chocolate. Lollipops? Cant remember.

PE is perfect for that.

If you want chile pepper flavor, flakes or powder with PE would be be an option.

Toe of Satan uses 9mil extract.