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Purple Thunder / Bhut Jolokia x (PdN x Bonda Ma Jacques)

I have decided to start a dedicated Grow Log for
the Purple Thunder Bhut Jolokia hybrid.

It made its first appearance in 2015:
"This coloration might be the result of the intense
light on these red Bhuts, but only 2/6 show the trait.
If it is a cross,the only purple-y plant near the bhut
was Trippa's Mystery Cross. All of these seeds from
the same pod:"

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So awesome, @rgreenberg2000! I hope you are able to
grow it out again next season! And thanks to all who have
contributed to this thread!
I realized I hadn't updated this thread with some pics of 2023 plants/pods.

So, without further ado, I present....

Purple Thunder Mystery (dr6) - 2023 version

Again this year, the plants stayed true to form, and continued to be the tallest pepper plants in the garden.
Pepper - Purple Thunder Mystery F6 IMG_20230921_165804683~2.jpg Pepper - Purple Thunder - tallest IMG_20230906_122000043.jpg

The pods start out purple, and ripen to a medium red with a smokey, purple tint
Pepper - Purple Thunder Mystery IMG_20230817_173028160.jpg Pepper - Purple Thunder Mystery IMG_20231029_142914329.jpg

And, like in previous years, these buggers are HOT, lol. All around great pepper. Thanks again for sharing @PaulG!

P.S. Seeds from these pods are on the 2023 Seed Train. Y'all might-can still jump on board. Just sayin. :whistle:
Thanks for the update, DR. You have a real winner
there, indeed. Glad to see it is still producing those
smokey red pods! You are a real man if you can eat
those. Even a tiny bit of powder can light up some
soup or eggs!
Looking good, buddy. Will be interesting to see what
color they turn out to be. Your grow looks great this
season. How is the green house working out for you?