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Purple Thunder / Bhut Jolokia x (PdN x Bonda Ma Jacques)

I have decided to start a dedicated Grow Log for
the Purple Thunder Bhut Jolokia hybrid.

It made its first appearance in 2015:
"This coloration might be the result of the intense
light on these red Bhuts, but only 2/6 show the trait.
If it is a cross,the only purple-y plant near the bhut
was Trippa's Mystery Cross. All of these seeds from
the same pod:"

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I guess sometimes a plant just gets sad 😢


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Whew, glad to see it's coming back.


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@Datil - your plants are way ahead
of mine, Fabrizio. Runty pods pulled,
still waiting for the ‘real’ pod setting
to start 🤨
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Purple Thunder F4 Mystery. Major growth
and lots of pods since 8/4, #2 NC contain-

H x W: 45” x 50” (112cm x 125cm):

Edit: Added updated pic, 9 days after above pic.
Most plants undergoing similar growth spurts in
the Summer heat.
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Some pod pics from the above plant. These have
come on in the last couple of weeks following the
last heat spell. They remind me of Yaki Blue Fawn
pods. The F3 had Bhut-shaped red pods, but the
runts on this F4 were orange. Looks like the F4 may
have a surprise or two up it’s sleeve:



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I've got nothing like I've seen some of you post with lots of pods, but still have three healthy plants that are flowering like mad! :)
Glad the plants are healthy and thriving, Rich.
I hope your grow season lasts long enough to
some pods out of those babies for you! Weather
seems to have retarded pod setting for a number
of growers this season 😣