for-sale Rainbow Assort. SFRB: $20 + SH

Hello, Slaszlo from Minnesota, United States here.

I have a bunch of hot pepper pods, and I'm looking to sell some.

I am asking for $20 + shipping for an SFRB. Contiguous United States only. In it, you will receive about 25 to 30 peppers (packing density will vary based on pod size).

Here are some cultivars I have going:

Borg 9 Yellow, 7 Pot Yellow, Yaki Blue Fawn, Piemienta de Neyde, Mustard Bhutlah RK, Lemon Starrburst, 7 Pot Peach x Reaper RK, Congo Trinidad, 7 Pot Congo Chocolate, 7 Pot Bubblegum Chocolate, 7 Pot Slimer, Benito Panther, Bahamian Goat, Bolivian Bumpy, Orange Ghost, Black Bhut, Borg 9 Chocolate, Gator Jigsaw, Yellow Reaper, Scotch Brain, and more.

Guaranteed spicy and unique selection. First come, first served. Thank you!
Just got a box to keep me busy, looking forward to this rainbow mix! Thank you @Greentoe!


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Hi there! Any chance you have some Starrbursts left? I'm located in Minneapolis and would love to pay you for a few if that's something you're interested in.