gadgets Recomendations for pH Testing Meter

It's worth considering that with a more expensive instrument proper maintenance become increasingly important and when it's time to replace the electrode,which can be soon if not cared for properly, the electrode can cost nearly as much as a new unit.  The "cheap" meters like SF suggests seem to do a very satisfactory job (when properly calibrated) and when they are lost, damaged, or need replacement, a new unit is only another $10 - $15.
Just my $0.02.
SmokenFire said:
Hi sister verona.  I have this ph meter.  Have been using it for several years now without trouble.  Make sure you also get a couple different calibration solutions to keep your meter accurate as well.  
Hope this helps.  :)
The link says this meter is for water testing.  Does that matter?
If you're planning on possibly doing anything hydroponically in the future or otherwise using it a lot I think it's definitely worth it to pay a little more and invest in a good PH meter. I bought one that was $40 or so but could not get stable readings out of it no matter how many times I calibrated it. After that I upgraded to this one which is about $80 and could not be happier. Works great for both nutrient solution and sauces. Readings are basically instantaneous and stays calibrated well between uses.
I've heard someone say once "buy it nice or buy it twice". Definitely happened to me here  :tear: