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I just want those interested in getting seeds to know I just purchased some varieties from Mr. Duffy of Refining Fire Chiles. Not only did he get the seeds quickly, but they appear healthy, and he was kind enough to add a few more varieties to try. Not all vendors will do that. Ive experienced some that only get you what is purchased, which is understandable. Very few create reputations where the seeds will look great, be quick to the order, and offer a few other varieties as a gift to grow and enjoy.
I am sure many of you have great vendors as well. This is my experience to share.
My order was for:
Giant White Habinero
Jamaican Chocolate Habinero
Yellow Fatalii
The extras were most impressive as well.
Thank you
I just received my latest order from Jim Duffy too.
Just like last year, he doubled my order and threw in plenty of extras too.
I've been a customer for several years now, and I have never been disappointed. 
Ive bouggt my share of seeds, and Ive seen mostly just fulfilled orders, one with seeds that dont germinate, and then Duffys, which seem best for going beyond minimal. He seems to want people to try new varieties.
I love the opportunities here where people trade and offer seeds to others too. Great group of people.
Any other great vendors of seeds people have experienced in last year or two?
Have had great results with Refining Fire Chiles except for one instance; two years ago the Venezuelan Tiger seeds I got did not germinate any of the ten.
The dozens of other seeds packs I purchased have always germinated and been true, except for the King Naga from four years ago that has led to my Brown Large Scorpion cross, which is actually OK with me.
My second order from Jim at RFC, this time I was waiting for his Black Friday deal because I have already germinated seeds for 2019 season so no need to rush. Order placed and payed on 23th November and it arrived just today 27th December, I was worried for a while that my package got lost due to Holidays.
My seeds were trippled like promised and he added some extras too. I'm really happy that I can count on Jim's business :)
^^ update from above.
I received my seeds today, not bad delivery timing at all considering the New Year holiday.  Got what I ordered plus a couple of freebie packs - I will definitely grow a few of these.  Thanks.
I ordered a small batch from Jim on a late Friday night and was pleased that he accepted Apple Pay. I received shipping notification the next morning. Less than a week later I had the seeds in my hand, even with a USPS delay of a couple days. I only ordered 5 varieties and Jim threw in 3 additional, each of which Ive never tried before so Im excited to see how they turn out. Every pack had between 90% and 200% extra seeds, none of which were noticeably blackened.

At day 5, over half the varieties germinated. At day 7, I had numerous sprouts up to an inch tall. Its only been 8 days now, but only the Trinidad Perfume and Alba Regia havent germinated yet.

Im very pleased so far with his variety of offerings, ease of purchase, quick notifications, fulfillment speed, packaging, and the quality of his seeds.

Ill try to update again once the final seeds have a chance to germinate and when I can determine the survivability rate of the plants.


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I ordered 7 types of seeds from here, and got 3 freebies. Looks like ones I'll like too. Everything came in a padded envelope with a tracking number. I ordered the seeds I want to be collect seeds from them as they do claim all seeds come from isolated plants. 
Looking forward to growing these!
One thing to add, I ordered my Carolina Reaper seeds from here. I decided to start a few plants at the beginning of our winter to test out my greenhouse. I took a count, and while the product page said 10 seeds, there were easily 25-30 in this packet!
Wanted to jump back in here with a bit of an amendment.
I've been on a poor streak with RFC seeds. I had one that was just obviously wrong; it's hard to think it could've even been a cross, and certainly not a mutation. I asked Jim what he thought it might be; he informed me that I had probably screwed up while planting my seeds. Notably, he made a point of the fact that all of his seeds are isolated. Unfortunately, I don't have seeds for anything that should even look vaguely like these pods. He ignored further questions.
Next up, I ended up with a Friggitello (pepperoncini) that was supposed to be Golden Greek but is clearly not; it's definitely a variety of Friggitello, but it's growing in red, and was obviously mislabeled. So if RFC seeds really are all isolated, there seems to be an organizational failure going on with at least some of their packing.
It's obviously anecdotal, but with very limited space, this has thrown my grow planning for a loop twice so far. Just something to be aware of for others who can only manage to grow a few varieties at a time.
Not sure if Jim of RFC is able to help out and correct this? We need to update our vendor vault for 2020 season for BEST reputable and consistent vendors of last year. Top 3 max. I’ll create a new category in a couple hours. Comment concerns of vendors should any be listed. We need to see the best of best for our growers, hobbyists.