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What do you want to cook? Pick that region!

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Cioppino (pronounced chuh-PEE-no) is considered San Franciscos signature dish, and no trip to this West Coast city would be complete without a bowlful of this delicious Cioppino seafood stew.

History of Cioppino: This fish stew first became popular on the docks of San Francisco (now known as Fishermans wharf) in the 1930s. Cioppino is thought to be the result of Italian immigrant fishermen adding something from the days catch to the communal stew kettle on the wharf.

The origin of the word cioppino is something of a mystery, and many historians believe that it is Italian-American for chip in. It is also believed that the name comes from a Genoese fish stew called cioppin.
I'm having trouble sizing up the competition when I can't see who's on what- So here's who's in it To Date-
Altlanta- HopsnBarley
Baltimore- grantmichaels
buffalo- studentofspice
cincinnatti- scovie
green bay- cheriLBW
Kansas city-ozzy2001
Miami-green GRASS snake :lol:
new England-dragonsfire
n'awlins-hot stuff
phili- d3monic
san fran- rymerpt
Tennessee- hybrid_mode
Indianapolis smokenfire
Carolina- JoynersHotPeppers 

OOOOooo this is gonna be CIPE!  Some very stiff competition!
JHP- who you picking?
I've been JayT-ing like crazy, think I'll pass on the geoduck recipes...
Grass Snake said:
Green Snake? Must be a new member haha.
Stoopid AutoCorrect.......
that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!  :D
Oh nice! It would be great to see you in a TD again, and with a Carolina spread cool.
He just couldn't resist!!!  :clap:
Hey Boss, what's the most contestants we've had in a TD? 
Not like you have anything else to do but go back through all the TD's and count the entries... :rolleyes:  :lol:
Just thought you might know-
PS- I'm consulting with SalsaKid who is working at Sun Mountain Lodge....Oh yea, the 'Kid's got some good ideas.  Dick's will be on the menu, but in an edible form. 
(:razz: to Scovie who thinks that Dick's is actually good)