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What do you want to cook? Pick that region!

  • Arizona Cardinals

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  • Carolina Panthers (North and South)

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  • Chicago Bears

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  • Cleveland Browns

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  • Dallas Cowboys

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  • Denver Broncos

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  • Detroit Lions

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  • Jacksonville Jaguars

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  • Minnesota Vikings

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  • New York Giants (NYC)

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  • Oakland Raiders

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  • Pittsburgh Steelers

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  • Los Angeles Chargers

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  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 6.21.26 PM.png

Ok.  I am in.


Business Member
salsalady said:
I'm having trouble sizing up the competition when I can't see who's on what- So here's who's in it To Date-
Altlanta- HopsnBarley
Baltimore- grantmichaels
buffalo- studentofspice
cincinnatti- scovie
green bay- cheriLBW
Kansas city-ozzy2001
Miami-green GRASS snake :lol:
new England-dragonsfire
n'awlins-hot stuff
phili- d3monic
san fran- rymerpt
Tennessee- hybrid_mode
Indianapolis smokenfire
Carolina- JoynersHotPeppers 
NY Jets- TC1010
LA rams- bpiela
OOOOooo this is gonna be CIPE!  Some very stiff competition!


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bpiela said:
Ok.  I am in for L.A. Danger Dogs with a twist.
Is bpiela in?  Need to CLICK/VOTE for the team you want.  That's how to Sign Up.
Great to have you jumping into the fray!   


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I added you on my info list, which is not the official list.....
I'm actually surpised after making my shopping list.....only 1/2 a page long....Sweet!