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RYMERPT 2022 into 2023 GLOG

My buddy asked me for seeds a couple weeks ago. I told him its to late in the season, but b sent him the seeds anyway. This will be his first time growing peppers and he is going with a small hydroponic kit he bought.
Well, because he started this late, I thought what the hell. Sooo I ordered a new heat matt (should arrive today) and went out and bought some soil. Im using the same solo cup method that has worked so well before. Two cups, top cup has holes, water from the bottom up.
I sowed (three seeds per cup) 1) REAPER 2) YELLOW NAGA REAPER 3) FATALI 4) TEPIN X LEMONDROP View attachment 108 143[/ATTACH]


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I like to include other things in my glogs soooooo.
Late May I dropped a can of soup on my toe. Turns out I broke the damn thing. Tommarow I see the foot dr. Thanks to my wife forcing me to have my foot looked at. Why are men so stuborn? Fuck if I kow.


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These two products did me well in the past. Dont use the fertilizer untill the children are old enough for solid food. LOL
Heat matt just arrived from amazon. Seeds are now all tucked away for an evening of warm and toasty resting. One of my 4 cups contains my "3 day reaper" seeds. In the past these seeds actually came up and hooked after just 3 days. We'll see.
Foot update:

Saw the foot dr. today and no he did not look like Paul BUNION wah wah wah. He says we are just goi g to keepit level with a little boot thingy (6 weeks or so). He said its to shattered for pins. WORKS FOR ME. There is very little pain due to my neropothy from my diabeties.
Day three and my little seeds are clinging to the sheets refusing to come out and play. A bit early I suppose.
Sooooo I'm an idiot. I ALWAYS wear gloves when dealing with peppers. I cook a lot and even wear gloves when cooking with stuff like onion (saves me from smelly hands). Today, however, I bought some peanuts that had a wonderful coating of powdered chili on them. YEP, touched my eyes. Such a rookie move. They were really good peanuts though. I bought 1/2 a pound from SPOUTS market.
I do that all the time, gettting used to it 😁
I always cut my scotch bonnets without using gloves and often touch my eyes later on. It stings really hard for a while!
Still no babies in the grow room.
I think I mentioned that one of my solo cups has my "three day" reaper seeds in it. I swear, they came up in three days last time. That was back in 2016 I think.
If the seeds date from 2016 or older, a germination time of just 3 days seems just a little too optimistic to me 🤔
You are correct Marc. I fact, they might not come up at all. I'm kinda just playing right now and not really putting much faith in the process. If I do get plants out of my effort it will be a bonus to the practice and re-working of my long forgotten skills.