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RYMERPT 2022 into 2023 GLOG

My buddy asked me for seeds a couple weeks ago. I told him its to late in the season, but b sent him the seeds anyway. This will be his first time growing peppers and he is going with a small hydroponic kit he bought.
Well, because he started this late, I thought what the hell. Sooo I ordered a new heat matt (should arrive today) and went out and bought some soil. Im using the same solo cup method that has worked so well before. Two cups, top cup has holes, water from the bottom up.
I sowed (three seeds per cup) 1) REAPER 2) YELLOW NAGA REAPER 3) FATALI 4) TEPIN X LEMONDROP View attachment 108 143[/ATTACH]


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Along the back is Peas
Right is purple bush beans
left green bush beans
back is red onions
back is Spanish white onions
Front is radishes
spinnach to the left
Button lettuce to the right
left Butter lettuce
Right Iceberg lettuce
Right carrot seeds
Right Napa cabbage seeds
Right Bok choy seeds
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I have a favorite YOUTUBE channel I watch for gardening tips:
Hollis and Nancy's Homestead

I watched a couple of their videos that convinced me to make some shifts in my garden. You all know that I recently planted Bok choy and Nappa cabbage. Well I didn't really think about how big these suckers get. The videos showed me how to transplant into buckets. I looked around my garden and decided to sacrifice a couple bell peppers and steal the soil. I know have three big buckets with a Nappa cabbage each in them and 5 smaller buckets each with Bok choy in them. I may do a few more if each, but I'm not wanting to steal any more soil. I may have to go buy a couple bags of soil. 🤔
You all will get a kick out of this. Earlier this week I busted my four prong metal rake. I did, however, keep the two pieces. Today I bought diakon radish seeds. I needed that rake. What to do? Well I took a few bamboo stakes and fashioned a splint for my rake. Carefully winding thin macrame cord all along the damaged area. WORKED!!
Later I'll finish with Duct tape, but damn proud of my ingenuity. Good boy Robert.
BTW the diakon has been planted. Kimchi on the horizon.
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Thought id give potatoes a try. Ive been reading that its super easy. We went out this morning yard sale ing. I found a couple big laundy buckets ( ya know with rope handles) and just planted 5 chunks of potatotes that were spouting in our pantry. NOW WE WAIT.
Today is 11/13/2023 the plants in the blue potato bucket have all died so I thought WTF maybe I got a couple potatoes down awaiting a good dig. Here is the results: LOL


Am I gonna eat them? HELL YEA!!
Congrats on the nice garden grow this season!