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salads Salads

I looked and didn't see any salad threads so here's one. Feel free to post any types of salad you like whether it be a green salad, pasta salad, bean salad whatever. As long as there's plenty of produce in it.
Naked. The plate is dirty because this is my second salad. It has greens, carrots, radishes, and steak. It's my late night snack.

Dressed. I used a "Tuscan" dressing and lots of black pepper.
I didn't need no chile on that salad. I had enough on the tacos yesterday.
Yep I kinda figured if there ain't meat i'm gonna get hell.
Yeah, not a lot of support for 100% certified hippy cud chewer's here on THP.
Not that I am, but I reckon most here on THP would rather see cud chewer's served up on a plate.
Medium rare.
Damm! I want that salad. We eat alot of salads, especially this time of year as CJ's garden is teeming with great stuff like Spinach, radishes, tomatoes, snap peas, green beans, carrots, red onions, mescaline, etc. about a dozen herbs and of course chiles. Every year I beg her to grow a bacon plant for truly epic spinach salads but she says they're too expensive.

Every so often we will have "gotta go" salads where we basically clean out the fridge and mix it with lettuce and a bucket of Blue cheese dressing. Lunch meat, taco meat, even left over pulled pork is not exempt from these salad-for-dinner nights. I will post pics next time we do it. :D
 Mescaline!?    :rofl: You're gonna end up talking to your salad. I thought you might of had a couple bacon plants growing in your shed. Guess I was wrong.
Looking forward to seeing everyone toss some salad. :lol:
Quick Nate, throw some pickled 'penos or hot banana peppers on that scrumptious salad so the boss man doesn't heckle you.
Looks good though, I would woof that down.
Jeff H said:
Quick Nate, throw some pickled 'penos or hot banana peppers on that scrumptious salad so the boss man doesn't heckle you.
Looks good though, I would woof that down.
I would have put something hot on that but my stomach had enough for the day because earlier I ate tacos with homemade salsa containing serranos, morugas and ghosts.
Scoville DeVille said:
That stuff needs "pruning" :high:

     I had to cut back one of my T. bridgesii (not pictured) because it kept blowing over during thunderstorms. Other than that, I want them to get really big so maybe they'll flower some day. I potted them up a month or so ago and gave them lots of bone meal in their new soil, so maybe this'll be the year :pray: . Plus I'm pretty sure growing these guys for human consumption would land a person in prison for quite some time...
     Anyhoo… Good idea for a thread, Nate. I've got a decent sized leaf lettuce (no mesclun) patch in my main garden and my wife and I love putting it to good use every summer. This thread will be good motivation to get creative!


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Here's my best recipe for potato salad and some pics.
I've made this and posted pics several time. 
Here's some made for a large BBQ-
dambbq3 002.jpg

dambbq4 004.jpg

And Here's my recipe for the Ultimate Pasta Salad-


PS- that was funny about the mescaline~~~  :lol:
pps- Nate, good call to start the thread with a meat salad....