SASBE seeds.

OK so it is time to give some seeds away. Giving things away tends to help turn things for me, so on that note....

If interested you will need to send a SASBE.
For directions go here ~~~>
{The} bold {number} {in} {these} {thingies} {is} {the} {number} {of} {packs} {I} {want} {to} {part} {with} {.}
Each pack will have 10 seeds.
Pick up to 4 packs and post here, then I will send you a PM or include you in one with my address to send the SASBE to.
I will be updating the numbers as they dwindle.

Naga Morich(2011)-(OP) in a group of 13 plants-{6}
Naga Morich(ISO)(2012)-{GONE}
Caribbean Red Habanero(ISO)(2012)-{GONE}
Brain Strain(ISO)(2012)-{GONE}
Yellow 7Pot(ISO)(2012)-{GONE}
Jimmy Nardello(ISO)(2012)-Sweet-{GONE}
Morouga Scorpion(ISO)(2012)-{GONE}
Manzano(2012)-(OP) around non pubes-{GONE}
Awesome.... The growing season is starting to shape up nice thanks to your generosity... wish list below:

1 [background=rgb(255, 244, 228)]Naga Morich(2011)[/background]
[background=rgb(255, 244, 228)]1 [/background][background=rgb(255, 244, 228)]Brain Strain[/background]
[background=rgb(255, 244, 228)]1 [/background][background=rgb(255, 244, 228)]Jimmy Nardello[/background]
[background=rgb(255, 244, 228)]1 [/background][background=rgb(255, 244, 228)]Manzano[/background]

[background=rgb(255, 244, 228)]THANKS!![/background]

[background=rgb(255, 244, 228)]Bryan[/background]
Great offfer Justaguy, thanks man!

Here are 4:

Naga Morich (ISO)
Jimmy Nardello (ISO)
7 Pot - Yellow
Trinidad Morouga (ISO)

Great offer... I think these 4 will round things out for me nicely.... Thanks Brian

Naga Morich(2011)-(OP)
Brain Strain(ISO)(2012)
Morouga Scorpion(ISO)(2012)
Yellow 7Pot(ISO)(2012)
[background=rgb(255, 244, 228)]Morouga Scorpion(ISO)(2012) if u have any left gr8 offer and thanx[/background]
Helldozer, ToxicRVA, and bricke...PM sent
Updating numbers now

Remember to include your user name in with the SASBE
I'm trying to expand this season and would love some!

Naga Morich (either)
[background=rgb(255, 244, 228)]Caribbean Red Habanero[/background]
[background=rgb(255, 244, 228)]Jimmy Nardello[/background]
[background=rgb(255, 244, 228)]Manzano[/background]

Please let me know. Thanks so much!
Todd (hottoddy)
If there's any chance, not sasbe, but shipping is on me, would like to try:

Brain Strain (ISO)
Yellow 7Pot (ISO)
Jimmy Nardello (ISO)
Morouga Scorpion(ISO)

Very generous offer and I agree on giving things away. Sometimes you dont think you are getting anything back and it takes a while but in the end it all comes around. I'd like the following

Brain Strain
Jimmy Nardello
Morouga Scorpion
Thanks for this!

1 Naga Morich (ISO)
1 Brain Strain
1 Yellow 7 pot
1 Manzano

Looking forward to growing some of these for sure!

Daniel K