indoor Searching for a fan for a 2x4 Growing Tent


i first tried to get fresh air in the tent with a uphere N12U03 fan but the noise is to load for me because it is in my sleeping room.
So i tried to connect it with the timer from the lamp but i think that these is way to less.

I think it must be run really permanently.
Does someone of you had the same problem and how did you fixed it?

Thanks and greetings
Saphira :)
A 4" AC Infinity pulling air out. Pulling air out will create negeative pressure to bring in fresh air. These ones have a speed controller and they are not too loud on half speed.
Which kinds of "chilis" are you growing? :D
Purple Gator Jigsaw, an agave, and tomatoes.... I swear.

EDIT: I use one fan for exhaust, and it it acts as a passive intake. Too much blood in the caffeine system to explain correctly. :doh:
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Yeah, i have round about 25g Cannabis and a growing tent but its all legal.

Still its illegal to growing Cannabis i must be okay that DHL Express is delivering me it
Well if it's legal, then open every vent hole you got.
I don't have a tent. My grow room is 6' x 12' feet, 1.8288m x 3.6576m.

My ventilation is 2, 4" or 10.16cm plastic tubes to provide fresh air & 1, 4" or 10.16cm tube to provide exhaust.

We have been starting plants for 36 years in that snug underground room, & never had any air issues.
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hmh I think i like these forum :D
Okay, i opend now to vents a little bit and the fan is really to loud to lie in the bed and trying to relax.
What would be the other possibilities?
You have to make a compromise..let your plants breathe and learn to deal with the white noise in your bedroom..or find a better place to do it.