indoor Searching for a fan for a 2x4 Growing Tent

You could try one of these to see if you can have airflow without too much of a drop in temp.
These are not my pics, just some I found on the net.

Intake scoop: Open the vent, and re seal it with the outside edges a little closer together.

Intake duct: You can restrict how much air gets inside the tent by blocking/ taping a portion of the duct, or tape a restrictive filter material to the front.

What I have done is intake ducting with a dust filter on the end and control the fan speed, and how long it runs with the built-in controller.
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I'm using this cheap clip-on fan (set on a timer) in my 32 x 32 inches tent. It seems enough for this size and help to keep humidity (oedema) and gnats under control!