event Seattle-Area Potluck with PRIZES! Saucemakers welcome to submit - A celebration of all that is spicy

The Hot Pepper

9/8-9/10 - 8th Annual Northwest ChiliFest organized by salsalday, chilihead camping weekend at Kanaskat-Palmer State Park, WA.
SAT 9/9 - Hotluck open to all chiliheads! Food, sauce, and fun times will be had by all. Meet some THPers, or just come for the burn. Bring a hot dish and you are welcome to eat as much as you want, if you dare!
Best Hotluck Dish
Best Homemade Hot Sauce (Commercial manufacturers welcome with homemade entries)
Best Homemade Salsa (Commercial manufacturers welcome with homemade entries)
Pure Evil Challenge (TBA by salsalady!)
Voting on premises and by salsalady's terms. Note, salsalady is welcome to compete as well. :)
The Hot Pepper will be granting 1 year Extreme memberships to all 4 winners, and we welcome any saucemakers etc. to contribute to the prize packs (one or many) by posting below and contacting salsalady. All sponsor products need to arrive for the event. This is a great opportunity for exposure. Sauces are shared, traded, and critiqued the whole weekend. If you want to get in on this, contact salsalady!
Kicking it up another notch!  THANK YOU, Boss, for this very generous offer. 
We've has some really good homemade salsas and sauces in the past  This will make it even more fun.  Hmmmm!!!! What should I make?!?!???
Gotta figure out a pure evil challenge also.  Maybe do the Ramen challenge again, with 13 mil SHU Pure Evil!!!  With some of those already Spicy Noodles!  :twisted: 
chileaddict, if you could do some smoked chickies, that would be awesome!   I'll be there Thursday if you want to bring some stuff out Friday to set up.  
That's a beautiful park!
Make sure you don't allow D3monic to enter any contest, he is on the absolutely do not let him in a cook off event list :P
Are you all having a chili cook off???
Kanasket-Palmer is a beautiful state park!  Right on the Green River for swimming, rafting, ....  disposal of bodies (not in the state park!!!   aka the Green River Killer....)  OK that one has been solved.
voodoo 6-  D3 can enter if he is here!!!  We're not having any cooking competitions per se.  It's a fun weekend campout and Saturday Potluck.  
No don't let him enter haha!! He is like the Michael Phelps of cooking.....doesn't he have like 17 burning crowns of domination or something?? Closest I have been to eastern Washington is Yakima, several times in the winter.
d3 is right up there with SmokenFire for the most Bling...killer competitors!  and I'd be happy to have them cooking at a potluck where I'd be eating!!!  :drool:    
We have some awesome cooks coming to the campout/potluck.  Food is always great...and the company is greater.    I love talking with people I've known or met on THP and now get to see in person.  Some people we've been seeing for 6 years!  Pretty cool how a website has brought us together as friends.
PS-Yakima IS eastern Washington, so you win!  :lol:  Kanasket-Palmer state park is on the west WET side of the state.  Beautiful park with some awesome day-trip fun on the river and in the general areas, and gorgeous greens and trees in the campground. 
Yakima in the winter...probably clear and cold, dusting of snow......If you want REAL snow...and some really kickbutt cross country skiing...look up the Methow Valley.  ;)  
Dont let Muckyai in there either because she will have night vision goggles on, and an AC-130 circling overhead! I hope you all have an awesome time and I am hoping for pics of the event.
Also just found out d3monic is also on the absolutely do not export to Japan list. They will torture him for his Ramen recipes.. :P  you know I jest Cheers!
If I didn't already have a wine tap, I'd be interested in that wine cooler.  Do they make one big enough for a box?  
wine tap.jpg
Alright folks!  Sounds like we're rollin'  
Thanks to THP for ratcheting things up a notch!
As I said on the other thread, I'm in for Bloody Mary Sunday,
and will bring breakfast eggs.  Let me know how many.  
Also, I have a small smoker that would do three chickens
if we decide to go that way.
Should be a hoot - Here's to a good turnout!
I sure would like to see Lazienfat, Duval Dave, and Maligator come this year. They were at the original Fest. I may have left someone out...have to go back and look at the pictures. I know Maligator is in Michigan now so that won't happen. 
The Hot Pepper said:
Hoping for lots of pics and live-posting :)
Live posting may be a bit of a challenge, the park is in a signal dead zone. I think some can get a cell signal. Wifi not available...it seems to get a bit better each year. We will see who has signals this year.
chileaddict said:
I sure would like to see Lazienfat, Duval Dave, and Maligator come this year. They were at the original Fest. I may have left someone out...have to go back and look at the pictures. I know Maligator is in Michigan now so that won't happen. 
I will contact dave and kathy. I think they are doing a market on saturdays, may be able to come out on sunday. I hope thgey can make it....i need some more sweet spicy girl!!!!

Just last week, one of evans friends jacked a full bottle of ssg!