event Seattle-Area Potluck with PRIZES! Saucemakers welcome to submit - A celebration of all that is spicy

Shorerider said:
Flight is booked, sauce is packed, it may be best to hide your women now..... :rofl:
Bring it on, baby!!!   I'll be waiting at the airport~~~   
OK- that probably didn't sound right~  
THIS WILL BE EPIC! Hotluck! Prizes! Good peeps! 
Campers are stacking up in the campsites.  It'll be interesting to see how we can all fit into a campsite for the Hotluck.  
Looks like people want a Pure Evil Popcorn Challenge Part II.  OKaayyyy......you asked for it!!!   :fireball: 
Can't wait to see what Scovie brings!
Congrats to NWCF '17 Hotluck Winners -- Extreme Memberships!
Best Hotluck Dish - chileaddict - Smoked Chicken
Best Salsa - RS67man
Pure Evil Challenge - Crusher
Honorable Mentions for Best Chilehead Supporting Cast - Hawkeye, onefowl1
chileaddict wanted to gift his prize to someone so we were able to give an extra one out in the last category, but we also gave chileaddict his. ;)
Thanks, Boss!!!
THP Rocks!